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Serpentine Healing Properties for Chakra Clearing & Kundalini Activation

INSIDE: Serpentine healing properties promote mental clarity, which aids in meditation. Serpentine is thought to cleanse muddled chakra zones and activate the root and crown chakra, improving spiritual enlightenment and psychokinetic abilities. Let's learn more about this incredible stone.


Serpentine healing properties are enchanting, to say the least, and they pretty much run the gamut. Since this stone clears all of the chakras, its powers are very diverse. By encouraging Kundalini energy to rise from the root chakra to the crown chakra, it helps us access our personal power, connects us to the Divine, and urges us to stay grounded at the same time.

This is a stone that can help us uncover our real purpose in life. It safeguards the heart and emotions, assisting with all degrees of mental, physical, and spiritual recuperation.

The healing properties of Serpentine are exceptionally defensive, helping us to feel confident in making fresh starts, being versatile, and exploring our spirituality.

Let's explore the healing properties of Serpentine and what makes it one of the sought-after crystals in the world...

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Serpentine Healing Properties & Symbolism

Serpentine is a green-colored stone that is often mistaken for Jade. Once called "valuable serpentine," this stone was first discovered in 1564 by Georgius Agricola. The word is coined after the Latin word "serpens" because of its scaled and blotchy appearance, which resembles a snake. 

It is likewise referred to as "false Jade" and "Teton Jade." Serpentine is also often mistaken for Onyx, Marble, Turquoise, and Verdite. Throughout history, Serpentine was often used in architecture for millennia and as an embellishing stone in sculptures. 

Serpentine healing properties are associated with the release of Kundalini energy, which is usually depicted as a snake spiraling up the body since it is the life force energy that goes through our bodies. Kundalini energy, or Coiled Serpent Power, is believed to be present on the foundation of the spine, folded three and a half times over the sacrum, until animated. 

The energy of the Kundalini climbs the spine from the root chakra and continuing up to the crown chakra. This can cause an incredible experience and may feel like hot fire as it grows up the spine. 

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Serpentine

There many properties of Serpentine that help our emotional and mental healing, and we'll dive into those now.

Releases Emotional Stress

Serpentine helps us release emotional strain. When put on the larynx, it can assist us in reviewing our memories and speaking to others about them.

Increases Positivity

These stones aid in keeping our attention on pleasant ideas. It encourages us to be conscious of nagging doubts so that we can dismiss them and come up with ones that serve us better.

Serpentine healing properties also back up the positive impacts of Neuro-Linguistic Processing (NLP). Serpentine helps clear and enhance the Hara Line's energy-holding capacity. It cleans and brightens obstructions from the Hara chakra as well as the Hara Stream.

Brings Peace & Harmony 

The properties of Serpentine are purifying, allowing it to transfer energy in an unusually powerful flow. It can uplift our emotions by working to correct psychological and emotional abnormalities.

Serpentine encourages the desire to settle disputes peacefully; nevertheless, it can occasionally make us overly willing to surrender for the purpose of harmony.

Healing Properties of Serpentine

Physical Healing Properties of Serpentine

There are hundreds of benefits of Serpentine when it comes to physical health. Many find that it can ease many ailments. Let's look at some of them now.

Supports Digestive & Cardiac Health 

Serpentine healing properties can work as a digestive aid, as it helps us maintain equilibrium. While keeping an eye on your diet and implementing health advice, it goes into our inner awareness to discover whatever we might find tough to chew, both literally and metaphorically.

This stone aids with cardiac problems, renal and gastrointestinal ailments, diarrhea, and constipation. It can counteract excessive acidity and increase magnesium metabolic rates. It may also aid in the relaxation of menstrual cramps.

Helps With Purification 

Serpentine is an excellent purifying gemstone, helping to detoxify both the bloodstream and the body. It is supposed to increase one’s lifespan. It has been said to kill parasites and improve magnesium and calcium intake. These healing properties of Serpentine can impact our lives greatly. 

Serpentine is excellent for those exposed to electromagnetic pollution and psychic attack. It helps to shield us from these types of negativity, safeguarding our body's fragile DNA.

Impacts Diabetes & Pain

Diabetes and hypoglycemia can be supported with Serpentine healing properties. This stone also aids in the treatment of pain, particularly musculoskeletal and menstrual discomfort. It may also help with tissue renewal and oxygen replenishment.

Serpentine may alleviate Alzheimer's and long-lasting symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, as well as discomfort resulting from stings and bites. It has been used to relieve skin irritation, dermatitis, and bulging veins.

Chakra Crystals

Chakra & Spiritual Properties

The chakras play a massive role in everything related to our health and well-being. As per metaphysical beliefs, Serpentine provides a purification from negative thoughts and helps with self-reflection

Root Chakra 

If the root chakra is out of equilibrium, we can feel combative and forceful toward others. With this stone close by, we can free the side effects of ADHD and ADD. It can diminish our desire to be excessively possessive or manipulative.

Use this stone to get rid of the undesirable feelings of dread. It can adjust the circulatory, conceptual framework and enhance the capacity of our lower appendages and pelvis. Many people are enchanted by these Serpentine healing properties.

Sacral Chakra

If the sacral chakra is out of equilibrium, you might feel nervous, pompous, or narrow-minded. With this stone close by, you're likely to feel more confident and emotionally balanced.

Use this stone to be more agreeable or less constrained, giving and receiving joy and feeling grateful. It can also help eliminate undesirable toxins from the body.

Solar Plexus Chakra

If the sun-powered solar plexus chakra is out of equilibrium, you might feel reproachful of others, be a harasser, and need steady change. You may also feel your accomplishments are going unnoticed or experience issues learning new things.

You can use Serpentine healing properties to bring empathy into your life and improve your gut feelings. It can help us manifest our desires and feel more uplifted.

Metaphysical Uses for Serpentine

As a grounding stone, Serpentine opens new sources for Kundalini awakening. It helps with reflection and helps us rethink spiritual exploration.

Serpentine healing properties helps us achieve new insights and recapture the memory of previous experiences. It clears the chakras and invigorates the crown chakra, opening mystic capacities.

Serpentine aims to rectify mental health, helping us to feel more in charge of our lives. 

Final Thoughts

So, how was the ride through the prominent Serpentine healing properties? It's one of our favorite stones and can benefit us in so many ways. Now is the perfect time to start working with this stone. Purchase some for yourself today!

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Serpentine Healing Properties

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