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Anger Management Through Yoga: Can it Really Work?

INSIDE: To manage anger, sometimes all it takes is a simple practice like yoga. Let's discover some simple poses you can start today to soothe your emotions.


We've all been there. Someone has pushed us to the edge of our breaking point. It's the last straw. We've had enough and we feel like we're ready to burst out in a fit of rage.

As Thomas Jefferson may have said, in this shoddy paraphrased quote, “Count to ten when angry, count to a hundred if very angry.”

We all get irritated and angry at some point in our lives. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, dating, or a mother with kids, there are moments when we just lose it. However, it becomes a problem if that anger affects your relationships, work, and life quality.

Thankfully, there are things you can do at home to manage your anger. Yoga doesn't even have to cost anything since there are plenty of free yoga videos on YouTube.

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Yoga for Anger

The building blocks of anger can be as simple as failed expectations mixed in with a thick mortar of unpaid bills. The culmination of these minor mental irritations can trigger an outburst of anger.

Thus, it is necessary to qualm those impending threats with a technique that will ease the mind and let go of the rage. Two solutions to help you find inner peace from that rumbling rage are yoga.

Confucius said, "When you think of anger, think of consequences," which is why it is better to make time for moments where you can think with a clear mind and not in a tempestuous rage. 

A yoga routine is a good option to relax the mind from stress and anxiety, especially when you make it a habit.

Suppose you're a mother who succumbs to crazy mood swings throughout the day. Yoga can be very helpful in managing your anger and other negative emotions. Visit Motherhood Community for more information on how to handle this.

Busy individuals and those who just want to relax can also benefit from this ancient practice. Yoga is based on Indian Philosophy. Today, people use it to promote physical and mental health and ensure well-being.

Yoga for Anger Management

Helpful Yoga Techniques That Can Help Control Anger

There are many yoga techniques that you can use for your stress-busting sessions, but here are some yoga poses that can help you press the reset button on your anger meter...

  1. Balasana, or child’s pose, is a resting pose where you sit on your heels, with the knees spread out. You then move your upper body down to the floor as close as it goes, keeping your hands to your side.
  2. Savasana is a pose where you lie down on your back, with your hands to your side, legs spread slightly. Your face remains upward, looking at the ceiling, your palms open and facing upwards. Breathe and relax into the pose. 
  3. Sukhasana is also a resting pose where you sit on the floor with your legs crossed and a straight back. You then place your hands over your legs and breathe.

Do five minutes of each pose in your yogic routine, and you will find a sense of calmness clearing your mind, allowing you to manage your anger and highly-charged emotions with more ease.

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Mind Over Anger

Mark Twain is a 19th-century writer often known as the greatest humorist America has ever produced. He said anger is like acid that can harm the vessel in which it is stored more than anything on which it is poured. 

We may never know if Mark Twain was pushed over the edge at some point in his life and considered pouring acid on someone. However, his small quote indeed rings true.

The vessel Twain points out here is ourselves. Uncontrolled anger will harm us more than it will others, which is why we must start the calming process within us.

Yoga helps relax the mind and release the anger currently polluting it so that it will be clear when you start thinking about solutions to your problems. And you can amp up your yoga practice even more by using crystals for yoga.

A child’s pose will not magically release the stresses of a mother embroiled in house chores and children. Savasana won't remove that officemate that became the bane of your existence.

However, with a clear and relaxed mind brought about by a moment of relaxation through yoga, you will have the right mindset to tackle such problems quickly. For more information on dealing with mental issues and strengthening spiritual practices, visit

Written By: Casey Bloom

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* This is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Anger Management Through Yoga Can it Really Work

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