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12 Best Crystals for Dogs & How to Use Them

INSIDE: Oftentimes, when we adopt a new dog into our home, they become more than just a pet; they become family. Don’t we want to ensure those we consider family to be as healthy as possible? If your furry friend suffers from any difficult physical or emotional pain, why not consider utilizing crystals for dogs to help with their healing journey?


Historically, crystals have been used by shamans and other spiritual healers to restore balance and assist healing on all levels - physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

During ancient times, crystals were also used to heal animals, such as horses, cats, and even dogs. The power behind these crystals stems from the energy they emanate to balance chakras in the body. Dogs have chakras that need healing and balancing too.

Whether your furry friend needs calming support for their anxiety or relief for muscular or joint pain, there are a variety of crystals for dogs that can offer powerful energetic healing.

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How to Use Crystals for Your 4-Legged Friends

Using crystals to heal your furry friend is similar to the use of crystal healing for people. 

Before using crystals on your canine companion, it’s important to first pay a visit to your veterinarian to ask for their expert advice on what your dog may need.

Next, it’s time to identify which crystals may be appropriate to support your dog’s specific healing needs. If you are knowledgable in using crystals to heal yourself emotionally or physically, the same crystals may be used to support your pup, whether they need uplifting or calming energies, or physical support, such as joint pain relief.

Here are a few recommendations you can follow to support your dog during their healing journey...

Place One Where They Sleep

This is a great way to test the waters and observe the healing powers of your crystals in a slow and safe manner.

Place your crystal of choice either under your pup’s bed, nearby, or on top of their crate. Start slow and work your way up to leaving the crystal around for longer periods of healing time. You will be able to observe the healing powers of these crystals over longer periods of time whether you are healing emotional or physical energy.

If you place the crystal under their bed, make sure to do so in a place that wouldn’t bring discomfort to them or where they won't attempt to chew or swallow the crystal. If you worry that may happen, find a way to attach or sew the crystal to their bed.

If your dog reacts to the crystal in a negative manner, the crystal may be too energetically powerful for your pup. Make sure to remove the crystal if their energy seems off. 

best crystals for dogs

Offer a Crystal Massage

Offering a crystal massage to your furry friend is a great way to heal any physical pain they may be having. The energies of these crystals for dogs that we suggest below will transfer over to your pup in the areas you massage.

To enhance the healing powers of this massage, we suggest warming up your stones in either the sun or hot water. The heat will strengthen the energy of these crystals and will create a more enjoyable experience for your pooch as well.

Be weary that some crystals cannot be placed in the sun or water, so do your research beforehand to figure out which will benefit from this heat transfer. These articles will help:

Crystals That Shouldn't Be in the Sun

Crystals That Shouldn't Be Placed in Water

Also, make sure you choose crystals that are smooth in order to ensure a comfortable healing experience for your dog. When healing aches and pains, the last thing you want to do is add more discomfort to the area that needs healing. Tumbled stones work best.

Make a Crystal Elixir

Creating a crystal elixir for your pup is a great way to send physical and emotional energies to them. When creating an elixir, you may either place these crystals for dogs either directly in their dog bowl, or infuse crystal water in a separate water bottle and then transfer the water to their bowl. This option is best if you are worried your pup may try to chew or swallow the crystals.

Some crystals do break apart when immersed in water so make sure your crystal of choice is not water soluble.

Crystal elixirs are beneficial due to the energies that come through the crystals when drinking the water. The energy gained from the crystals is delegated directly to where healing energy may be needed the most.

Some crystals we suggest for a crystal elixir are Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz. 

Crystal Keychains

Attach a Crystal Keychain to His Collar

Just like we would benefit from wearing a crystal necklace, there are some crystals for dogs that we suggest attaching to your pooch’s collar to receive similar benefits.

By attaching a crystal keychain to their collar, your pooch will receive its healing energies all the time.

Crystal keychains are a great addition to an anxious pup’s collar when taking your dog on a walk and interacting with strangers.

Try a variety of different crystals for dogs to observe their healing powers and figure out which crystal may be best for optimal physical and emotional energy.

Place a Crystal on Their Crate

For dogs who are anxious or nervous when you leave the house, try placing a crystal on top of their crate before you head out. Crystals with calming energies are best suited for anxious dogs with attachment issues.

12 Best Crystals for Dogs

Here are some of the best crystals to use for dogs...

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as the crystal of love, making it the perfect crystal for dogs who tend to be excessively anxious or are showing behaviors of depression.

Place a Rose Quartz key chain on their collar or a tumbled crystal under their bed to ease their anxiety when they are home alone.

Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals for dogs who have been rescued or may have experienced a past traumatizing event that has affected them mentally or emotionally. This crystal has been known to reduce aggression in dogs as well.


Amethyst is a great crystal for dogs for a variety reasons. Some may call it an ultimate healer as it heals both physical and emotional pain that your pooch may be suffering from. 

Whether your dog is showing signs of anxiety or even a lack energy, Amethyst will pick them up and give them the energy needed to play and run happily. 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is also a great healer of all sorts, especially to clear negative energies that may be lingering. It helps create a sense of calm and increases confidence when interacting with others. This healing crystal can also reduce excessive barking or aggressiveness.

If you’re just looking for a crystal to improve the overall health of your pup, Clear Quartz is a great tool to strengthen their immune system. Try placing Clear Quartz in their water bowl to use as a healing elixir for your pup when thirsty.

Because Clear Quartz is an amplifier, it can help you with an intention. If you have a specific area on your dog that needs healing or an emotion that needs uplifting, set an intention with your Clear Quartz and watch it work its magic. 


Hematite is a crystal that caters to the muscular system of both humans and furry friends. If you notice your dog is having any muscular pain, grab a smooth Hematite crystal and provide a muscular massage to ease their pain.

Hematite also protects against external negative energies. If you notice you are feeling negative, place this crystal near your dog to protect them from picking up the energies you may be exuding. 



Citrine is a crystal for dogs that can improve both physical and emotional energies too. If you notice your dog is showing signs of depression, it's a great uplifting crystal to keep around.

If you’re dealing with an unruly or wild pup, Citrine is a great crystal to attach to their collar when showing signs of training issues.

Citrine is also the perfect crystal for dogs who suffer from physical ailments, such as diabetes or intestinal issues.


Carnelian is a very healing crystal for dogs who are suffering from cancer or other possible age-related illnesses. Whether you use this crystal on their collar or under their bed, Carnelian invites powerful healing properties to your pup. 

If you notice your dog is itching excessively in a spot or two, they may benefit from a Carnelian crystal massage or a crystal elixir infused with Carnelian.

Attach a Carnelian crystal to their collar if your pup shows signs of shyness, anxiety, or envy when interacting with other people or dogs.



Does your dog frequently suffer from allergies? Jasper is a great crystal for dogs who get hit with the occasional allergy or are hypersensitive to their environment.

Jasper also establishes strength and nurturing support for dogs during stressful situations or during perceived moments of danger.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a useful crystal to place on your dog's collar or use as a massage stone to alleviate your furry friend from any painful inflammation as it can help reduce swelling. 

Place Smoky Quartz on their collar when traveling to new places if your pet is one that suffers from nervous energy or is easily stressed.

Green Aventurine

Green Adventurine

Green Aventurine is another crystal that helps relieve stress from an anxious pup.

Situations, such as a big house move or inviting new guests over, tend to stress many dogs out. Green Aventurine is a wonderful crystal to have in your house to reduce your canine companion’s stress.

This crystal is also a great tool to use when introducing new rescue dogs into your home; it will ease the frightful transition for your new dog.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye is an incredibly grounding crystal to utilize during travel days with your pup. Keep it on their collar to protect them from any negative energies they may feel when traveling by car, plane, or any other unnerving moving vehicle.

Tiger’s Eye also cultivates a stronger sense of endurance and agility for your pup when out on a a big hike or a day of walking. 

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is the ultimate protective stone for your pet. Whether you are planning to travel with them or you know your animal gets nervous around strangers, keep Black Tourmaline on their collar to protect them from intruding negative energies. 



Bloodstone is the “multivitamin” crystal for dogs. It not only increases strength, but also supports their energy levels and endurance. Bloodstone is a tool that can balance the chakras of your pet, calming any negative or excessive energies they may be exuding.

Final Thoughts

Just like we use crystals as extra support in our emotional and physical well-being, dogs could benefit from their energetic healing power too.

Whether your furry friend needs extra emotional support or is suffering from muscular or joint pain, we highly recommend utilizing one or more of these crystals to make your pup happier and healthier.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

12 Best Crystals for Dogs & How to Use Them



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Love the info on using crystals for our doggie pets. I’m considering getting a few for my grdau’s dog. I have a question – are all of the stones mentioned available on collar chains? Also, do you have boji stones?

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