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Blue Goldstone Healing Properties for Courage, Self-Expression & New Beginnings

INSIDE: Dreams come true with the help of Blue Goldstone healing properties. Find confidence, courage, and self-love with this soothing stone, plus some ammo for new beginnings.


Oftentimes, Blue Goldstone gets knocked for being man-made. However, it radiates with peaceful and healing energies that not only bring motivation, but also pave a path for communication. 

It's the perfect stone for those who are looking to manifest success and relieve themselves of self doubt. Blue Goldstone healing properties are gentle and sweet, but also protective and divine. 

Blue Goldstone Properties & Symbolism

Blue Goldstone, otherwise known as the stone of ambition, is actually man-made. Composed of glass that is infused with Copper, Cobalt, Manganese and Chromium, its soothing energy is ideal for empathetic people who need to channel or balance their emotions. 

In the 16th century, Italian monks discovered Blue Goldstone in alchemy experiments that were done at extremely high temperatures. A little later on, in the 17th century, the Venetian family, Miotto, established manufacturing rights to Blue Goldstone. 

Blue Goldstone healing properties are deep, but calm and relaxing. It allows us to embrace who we truly are and accept our weaknesses or faults of character. Although it is soft and gentle, it also provides power, protection, and mood-enhancement. 

With its color variations, mostly consisting of medium to dark blue or black with shimmery speckles, it mimics the midnight sky. It is believed to transmit healing energies of all kinds and is associated deeply with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

Blue Goldstone Tumbled Stones

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

When looking for mental or emotional support, Blue Goldstone healing properties are a great way to increase self-love, and they aid us in learning and understanding as well. This crystal is a great way to deflect negative energies and absorb more tranquil and healing vibrations.

Let’s take a look at the emotional and mental healing properties of Blue Goldstone now...

Boosts Courage & Motivation

Its nickname says it all! Blue Goldstone is the stone of ambition and confidence, so what better way to boost our courage and motivation. It is an energy builder, which can increase our drive and give us that gentle push into action. 

If you struggle with procrastination, Blue Goldstone is excellent for giving us focus and setting us in motion to achieve our goals. 

Improves Self-Expression & Authenticity

Many of us suffer from intrusive thoughts of self-doubt and we are often our own worst enemies. Blue Goldstone healing properties allow us to turn those negative thoughts and energies into positive ones. It's a stone that allows us to understand and love ourselves for who we are.

Soothes Hypersensitivity

This crystal is especially helpful for empathetic people who often take in many of the energies that they come in contact with. This can often be very overwhelming, however, Blue Goldstone allows us to harness and understand these energies in a precise way. 

Being empathetic or hypersensitive is a very beneficial skill because it can allow us to be true leaders. Blue Goldstone’s courageous energy, combined with empathy, is an unbeatable combination when it comes to interpreting and understanding the world around us.

Promotes a Positive Attitude

All of us battle with negativity from time to time, and that's okay. If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and need a do-over with some good vibes and happy energies, invite Blue Goldstone along with you for the day. It provides an extra dose of positive energy that will turn even the grumpiest of people into a ray of sunshine. 

Physical Healing Properties of Blue Goldstone

Blue Goldstone comes packed full with healing properties. It is a curious stone and works in a variety of different ways. Wearing, meditating, or keeping it near you is a sure-fire way to obtain its healing benefits. 

Relieves Migraines

Those of us who suffer from headaches or migraines can definitely benefit from Blue Goldstone healing properties. It is the ideal accessory for when we are running hot and need to cool down. 

Improves Eyesight

This crystal can actually enhance our eyesight, both physically and spiritually. It allows us to see things better, both by increasing our intuition and relieving our eyes from strain.

Aids with Inflammation & Stomach Issues

Blue Goldstone healing benefits have been linked to relieving inflammation and stomach issues that are caused by stress and anxiety. It relieves tension in order for the body to feel better and and for the digestive system to work optimally.

Fights Eating Disorders

Due to its ability to promote self-acceptance and aid with stomach issues, Blue Goldstone is excellent for fighting eating disorders. Anorexia and bulimia are common eating disorders that affect 9% of the population worldwide!

Using Blue Goldstone can help with self-love, regulating appetite, and providing relief for upset stomachs. 

Chakra Stones

Chakra & Spiritual Healing With Blue Goldstone

This stone resonates deeply with the throat chakra, heart chakra, and crown chakra making it a remarkable crystal for spiritual healing.

The healing properties of Blue Goldstone have the ability to transmit healing energy while gaining understanding and improvement in communication — all of which are ideal for enhancing psychic abilities

Provides Protection

Blue Goldstone healing properties are very protective especially for children who are afraid of the dark. Its shimmery and reflective surface acts like a light source, deflecting unwanted, harmful energies. This stone is actually highly regarded in the spirit realm as a protective crystal

Improves Intuition and Psychic Abilities

With its strong connection to the throat and crown chakras, Blue Goldstone is ideal for encouraging communication and intuition. It enables us to see things both physically and spiritually in order for better understanding and decision-making. 

Brings New Beginnings & Balance

Blue Goldstone healing properties connect with the Divine, which provides wisdom and courage. Its uplifting and self-loving vibrations allow us to pursue new beginnings without hesitation.

Additionally, Blue Goldstone helps us balance mental pressure from self-doubt and insecurities. 

Metaphysical Uses for Blue Goldstone

There are many ways to obtain Blue Goldstone healing properties — it is a stone that can be beneficial to everyone. Simply keeping it with you can improve communication, both verbally and telepathically. Try meditating with this crystal to increase your life force energy.  

If you need a motivational push toward success, carry Blue Goldstone in your pocket everywhere you go. Keep this stone in your bag to ensure your spirits are lifted, your focus is sharp, and your emotions are balanced.

You can also hold a piece of Blue Goldstone on your forehead to relieve a migraine or headache. 

Blue Goldstone Properties

Final Thoughts

Blue Goldstone healing properties are universal and can be obtained by almost anyone. It is sometimes referred to as the stone of courage and confidence, making it wonderful for those days of self-doubt and insecurity.

This stone makes a great companion for when you need a consistent reminder of how valuable you are or for when you're struggling to find the right words. 

Not only does Blue Goldstone provide relief for our eyes, it is also a great stomach aid that is commonly used for boosting appetite and relieving eating disorders.

Placing a piece of Blue Goldstone on your forehead or holding it during meditation is an efficient way to boost your health and find balance. 

Its deep connection with the throat chakra allows us to not only communicate but also understand. Blue Goldstone healing properties are ideal for empaths who need to soothe their hypersensitivity and regain emotional stability. 

If you need a push in the right direction or a little confidence booster, Blue Goldstone just might be the right crystal for you!

How to Use Crystals

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Blue Goldstone Healing Properties

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