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Crystal Cocktails: Mixing Crystals to Maximize Their Powers

INSIDE: Mixing crystals is one of the most enjoyable way to enjoy the healing powers of crystals. Here are some tips for combining crystals, as well as some of our favorite crystal pairings.


Everyone starts their journey into crystals with that one special stone you got as a gift or that crystal you saw at a shop on your vacation and just couldn’t leave without it. Once those second, third, and fourth crystals are added, it becomes a collection, and the natural next step is to want to wear or use multiple stones at the same time.

We understand this and thought it would be helpful to put together some instructions and advice on mixing crystals. Read on as we share some vital information to make your pairings as effective as possible.

All crystals can work in unison in some way or another if their powers are properly understood and the correct intention is set.

Still, there are ways of mixing crystals that absolutely work better than others. While there are many different ways to mix, remember that only you can be the judge when it comes to deciding if a combination is working for your or not.

While some may think crystal pairing is as simple as combining two stones with the same abilities, this can often result in over-amplification that can potentially do more harm than good. Having excess energy with nowhere to apply it, or emotions that are too strong without the proper control, can be just as unhealthy as not having them at all.

Tumbled Stones

Mixing Crystals: Different Ways to Do It

Just as some of us are visual learners and some of us are auditory, some of us will have natural talents when it comes to mixing crystals in different ways.

Whether your gift lies in combining by structure, color, or family, below are some tips to help maximize your technique...

Combining Crystals by Intention

When mixing crystals, we first want to make sure their abilities are a match. By doing so, the intention that we set will be able to be reached without interference.

For example, Rose Quartz, a crystal that is often used for love intentions, probably isn’t the best match for Red Jasper, a crystal the helps us find stability. (Having said that, if you are looking for stability in your love relationships, this pair could actually work.)

We aren't saying that any combination are necessarily ‘bad’, but some crystal pairings are better and more effective at working together than others.

Another factor to consider when combining crystals by intention is overloading. For instance, Clear Quartz and Selenite don't need to be used together because both have the ability to greatly raise our energy considerably. The resulting power can be much too intense for some to handle. In a case like this, it would be best to utilize crystals like these individually to prevent overload. 

crystal pairings

Mixing Crystals by Color

Mixing crystals by color is all about understanding their meanings. Purification and cleansing are the main functions of clear or white crystals, whereas passion and energy is always going to be linked to red crystals.

By knowing this very general breakdown of colors, you can be better at combining crystals even if you may not be familiar with one of the crystals you are using. With that being said, we’d always suggest that you be well informed on the attributes of your stones individually before attempting to combine them.

Letting Crystal Structure Lead You

Mixing crystals by structure can also be a good way to determine if they will work well together or not. Cubic crystals, such as Fluorite and Garnet could work well together, as could Pyrite and Magnetite.

Emerald and Aquamarine are hexagonal in shape, very similar in color, and both posses the healing powers of Beryl, which aids in strengthening the circulatory system and increases the body’s resistance to pollutants and toxins.

So you can see how mixing crystals in specific groups often work together with the same or complimentary attributes.

Combining Crystals by Family

Different families of crystals have different healing properties. And knowing these abilities will help you with mixing crystals for your needs.

All members of the Quartz family, such as Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz and Clear Quartz, all have some type of effect on our emotions.

Crystals in the Beryl family are often associated with creative improvement, so much so that throughout history, they have been sought after by professional artist and writers to boost creativity and concentration.

Using Different Crystals Together According to Element

Alchemists and the holy people of the past knew how to use crystals and they knew the crystals’ relationship to the five elements of nature: earth, water, air, fire and ether. 

In recent times, it hasn’t been so easy for most people to connect the many different crystals to their correct elements. While the full study of this subject may have been lost over time, there has been work done to match some crystals with their proper elements.

From these attempts, we know that crystals related to the earth element are adept in grounding and growing our energy, cashflow, energy or success.

Water crystals, such as Amethyst and Selenite, have healing and cleansing properties.

If your intentions revolve around creation or transformation, you’ll want to look to crystals in the fire element, such as Citrine and Red Jasper.

Amethyst Geodes

Try These Crystal Pairings for Amazing Results

There are so many viable combinations of crystals that could be beneficial that there’s no way we can list them all. Below are a few of our favorites to give you a starting point...

Black Tourmaline & Selenite

The most powerful attribute that arises from the crystal pairing of Black Tourmaline and Selenite is its ability to cleanse our space. Individually, both of these crystals are effective cleansers, so this crystal pairing only enhances the capabilities of both.

They can be used if your space needs cleansing or to clear your aura. The flow of energy around your aura will greatly benefit from the increase of positive energy that is drawn to it from these stones.

Your intuition just might be raised to another level once this combination has had the chance to increase your mental clarity as well.

Green Aventurine & Rose Quartz

On its own, Rose Quartz stands for unconditional love as it draws love into our lives. And the name, Green Aventurine, comes from the word “ventura,” which means “by luck.” Its positive charge is much needed to aid in its ability as a manifesting stone.

This crystal pairing is usually referred to as an ‘advanced stone pairing’, because it includes one stone with clear mental benefits and another that can help with physical problems.

Rose Quartz is recommended for those struggling mentally and Green Aventurine can be helpful for those dealing with diseases and who need physical healing (although both offer benefits in both areas).

Amethyst & Clear Quartz

Mixing crystals of Amethyst and Clear Quartz is the absolute best combination for absorbing negative energies. Both are directly connected to the seventh chakra, the crown chakra.

Amethyst’s powers as a protective stone are magnified by Clear Quartz, which works as an amplifier. They work quite nicely together to balance the emotional, physical and mental planes.

They also boost our psychic ability and enhance spiritual wisdom, and for these reasons, mixing crystals of these types are often used for meditation purposes.

combining crystals

Citrine & Amethyst

Amethyst and Citrine are in the Quartz family and they are similar but slightly different colors are due to varying mineral compositions. Iron is featured in both, with Amethyst adding aluminum to the mix.

This crystal pairing actually occurs spontaneously in nature to form a stone called Ametrine, which has healing abilities that are very powerful and unique. But this naturally-occurring pairing is so rare (only found in Bolivia) that most Ametrine crystals are just Amethyst crystals that have been slightly heated. 

The crystal pairing of Citrine and Amethyst produce a joyful and radiant energy that assist US in balancing our lives and rejuvenating our soul with clarity and a higher sense of self-esteem.

Need to be reminded of your confidence and capability in all things? Use this crystal pairing before your next big meeting in business or your personal life and notice how your positive energy exudes all around you and others. 

Lepidolite & Smoky Quartz

Lepidolite is the ideal crystal to help stabilize emotions and reduce depression or stress. These abilities combined with the power of Smoky Quartz to remove negative energy create a perfect combination to help you tackle any tough situation that may come your way.

Lepidolite helps to release dopamine, the hormone that causes us to feel good, while it also renews our sense of purpose and confidence.

In order to do this, we first need to let go of the things that caused us to lose our purpose in the first place. This is where Smoky Quartz comes in. It’s a grounding stone with the ability to assist us in moving on from difficult experiences.

Smoky Quartz raises our vibration which enables us to move into a higher state of being so we can learn and move on from painful experiences.

Final Thoughts 

When speaking on crystals, we always mention that focusing on the correct intention is quite possibly the most important part of your practice. Even so, it is just as important to understand the strengths and abilities of your stones, whether you are mixing crystals or using them individually.

It pays to know all you can about their attributes. Being knowledgable about their elemental groups, colors, and families will ensure the best results in your own unique pairings. So make sure you study hard and get creative with your crystal pairings!

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Mixing Crystals to Maximize Their Power

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