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Shapes of Crystals: How to Use Crystal Shapes for Specific Outcomes

INSIDE: Shapes of crystals are much more than decorative pieces for our meditation corner. Just like each gemstone has its set of healing properties, each shape has its own power to transform our reality. Let’s discover what the different shapes mean and how we can benefit from each one...


Everything around us is part of the energetic or vibrational architecture. According to the Research Gate publication, we can see the laws of sacred geometry with a naked eye, as it is found in flora more commonly than we may realize.

Every sound, object, or shape has its vibration and is part of a greater scheme. Crystals, their formation, and their shapes are no different. Let’s discover what the different shapes of crystals mean and how we can benefit from them...

Shapes of Crystals: Why They Matter 

Healing crystals come in various shapes, forms, and sizes. We can chose them intuitively or by learning about their healing properties and the benefits they bring.

No matter what shape we go for, it is important to know that all crystals are equally powerful and beneficial. However, the shape and form of a crystal has a certain symbolism and meaning to it, and it also has its unique frequency.

Here's why shape matters when choosing a crystal, and why it should be considered when selecting the gemstone that you resonate with... 

Geodes of All Shapes and Sizes

Every Shape Has Its Vibration & Meaning

Just like everything else around us, every shape found in 3D reality has its vibration and is a representation of sacred geometry. That's why every crystal and every crystal shape is unique and has a specific frequency and a meaning that we can use for healing.

While a type of crystal has specific healing properties, the shape of the crystal can determine how we want the energy around us to flow and where we want it to be directed.

For instance, Rose Quartz is a gentle, calming stone, and a pyramid is an energizing shape. When we opt for a Rose Quartz Pyramid, we are inviting more love and compassion into our lives, but we are also going to be more energized and motivated to act in a loving way. 

Different Shapes Can Be Used For Different Purposes

Because every shape has a specific symbolism attached to it, we can use different geometric shapes of crystals to transform the energy around us. Some are great for calming the space and inviting in love, while others can be used for manifestation and channeling focus.

Some shapes are meant to energize and lift us up, while others bring peace, balance, and serenity into our space.

  • Do you want a handy crystal to wear as jewelry or to hold in your purse for protection?
  • Are you looking for enlightenment and clarity?
  • Do you need more peace and stability in your life?
  • Are you looking for a type of crystal that can protect your space from negativity?

Answering these questions will help you pick the right one.

A Shape Can Enhance the Intention

Geometric shapes, just like everything else around us, are aligned with the laws of sacred geometry. Knowing what each shape represents helps us understand its vibration so we can use it to enhance our intention and call in what we are trying to manifest.

If we want to align our chakras and do reiki healing, an Amethyst wand is a perfect tool for that. However, if we want to use Amethyst to improve our intuition and open ourselves for spiritual downloads, opting for an Amethyst Geode is an excellent choice.

geometric shapes of crystals

Shapes Amplify the Power of Crystals

Shapes not only contribute to the flow of energy in our lives but they also magnify the potency of the crystal. For instance, a pendulum made of Black Onyx is a perfect tool for personal transformation and repelling negativity, as the vibration of the shape and the crystal are in perfect sync.

A Green Jade heart-shaped crystal is an incredible option for inviting loving energy into our space, while a Citrine cluster is ideal for spreading positivity in our little sanctuary.

12 Crystal Shapes & Their Meaning

As part of our physical reality, the shapes around us have a healing vibration on their own. Here's what different shapes of crystals mean, and how we can use the power and symbolism of these shapes in our spiritual practices...


The pyramid is one of the most powerful geometric symbols as it helps to blend the physical and spiritual worlds. At its base, the pyramid has a solid cube, which represents ultimate stability, security, and strength.

Its top is pointed upwards, to the sky, symbolizing our connection with the Universe. The apex helps us establish a solid connection with our spirit guides, higher intelligence, and divine guidance.

Pyramid-shaped gemstones help us tune in with our higher selves. As such, they support our spiritual development while simultaneously assisting us in becoming more grounded and centered.

In feng shui, the pyramid represents the fire symbol, and as such it helps invite light, optimism, and passion into our lives, evoking our heart’s desires. Crystals that come in this shape help promote personal empowerment, amplify inner strength, and are a great aid for manifestation rituals.


A gentle shape as it is, the sphere is often associated with peace, harmony, and eternity. It symbolizes wholeness and helps us feel complete and grateful for what we have.

Having a circle as its base shape, the sphere represents life cycles and helps us ascend and go through different stages of life with more ease.

It is one of the shapes of crystals that can help us become more self-sufficient and find inner contentment and serenity. The sphere represents the limitless power of the universe and is often associated with clairvoyance and other psychic abilities

Sphere-shaped crystals like crystal balls are frequently used in psychic practice and divination, especially for scrying and gaining spiritual insight. It is a powerful tool to have in our space when we need more balance and peace in our lives.

Crystal spheres spread the healing energy evenly helping us find more balance and meaning in our lives.

Tumbled Stones


Just like a bird’s egg, the egg shape is associated with the protection and the birth of life. It symbolizes fertility, creation, and the birth of new ideas. Like an eggshell protects the fetus, egg shaped crystals protect our energy and aura from negative influences.

Egg-shaped crystals invite new, fresh energy into our space, helping our creativity and our projects flourish. They invite and support new beginnings, give us the courage and enthusiasm to embark on a new journey.

This shape, particularly when used with crystals that naturally boost fertility and reproductive health, can help with conception, protect the fetus, and help during birth.

Because it assists us on our life journey, the energy of egg-shaped crystals supports personal transformation and helps us rise from the ashes like a phoenix. It brings light energy into every new phase of our lives and helps us find our authentic expression.

It works to unlock hidden potential, helping us discover our gifts and talents. Similar to a pre-natal phase of a fetus, it supports healing of the subconscious and unconscious parts of us, bringing us greater clarity and awareness.

Crystal Point

Crystal points or towers are some of the most potent tools for raising the vibration in our living space. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be found as obelisks, large or small points, or double terminated pieces.

Incredible in transmitting energy, they are a combination of a solid base that stabilizes energy in the room and a powerful point that helps direct the energy.

Like an Athena, the point receives high-vibrational energy, helping us raise our frequency and that of our living space. Similar to crystal pyramids, crystal points help us establish a direct connection with the Divine, receive intuitive downloads, and remain grounded in the process.

Because they spread positive energy, they minimize and block off negative vibrations and help us stay focused on our blessings. 

Crystal points and obelisks, in particular, have the ability to protect us from negative energy, connect us with our ancestors, and strengthen our connection to spirit guides.

Double terminated crystal points help filter the energy when giving and receiving, helping us connect with others in a healthy and positive way.


Ideal for meditation and relaxation, wands are shapes of crystals that work to eliminate blockages from our energy field. Like a true magic wand, a crystal wand is a tool that uses high-frequency energy to help us recalibrate and release negativity stored in the body.

Frequently used in massage therapy and reiki, these are an incredible assets for healing work, especially when performed directly on the body. When in direct contact with our physical vessel, they target and balance our chakras. They are used for working with auras and can activate blocked energy centers.

Incredible for stimulating the flow of energy, crystal wands direct healing vibrations into a specific body part. This way, they revitalize us by stimulating the movement of prana through the body.  

crystal shapes


Skulls symbolize wisdom and higher knowledge. Often associated with mortality, they also symbolize earthily knowledge and our rational mind. However, throughout history, they have really represented all things immortal - the spirit and the universal truths.

As spiritual tools, these shapes of crystals help us connect to our ability to see beyond established rules, go within, and observe.

They assist us in blending our rational and irrational sides, bringing clarity and fresh perspectives into our lives. In crystal therapy, they are used to amplify memory, focus, and concentration and assist us when learning or problem-solving.

As such, they are a good choice for an altar, a study room, an office, or any place where we need more focus or clarity. Because they symbolize and help us connect with higher intelligence, they are associated with awareness and enlightenment.


A universal symbol of love, the heart represents all types of love - universal and unconditional love, self-love, and love we have for others. It is associated with emotional healing, empathy, compassion, and the Heart chakra.

Heart-shaped crystals, no matter what their healing properties are, help attract all types of love into our lives. They help us connect with our soul tribe, manifest soulmates and kindred spirits, and connect with others on a soul level. They are used to strengthen heart-to-heart connections and open our heartspace to give and receive love freely.

Using them in rituals, meditation, or placing them next to your bed can help bring balance and peace into your life and strengthens the relationship you have with yourself and others.

Heart shapes of crystals bring us a greater understanding of our emotions and help us exercise kindness and generosity. Simultaneously, they invite loving, nourishing energy into our space to raise our vibration.

The heart symbol is also associated with pure intentions and pure emotions, helping us heal emotional wounds, release pain, and heal from trauma.

Tumbled Stone

Tumbled stones are common polished crystals that come in different shapes and sizes. They are small, handy pieces that can easily fit on your palm, in a pocket, a wallet, or in a purse. Because of that, they are convenient to take with us wherever we go and are a true energetic and spiritual first aid piece.

Tumbled stones ensure that our vibration is high, protecting our aura and helping us go with the flow of life with greater ease. Both easy-to-carry and healing, tumbled stones help us feel more at peace, aligned, or motivated, depending on their healing properties.

These are crystals that represent pieces of our spiritual world and help us stay connected to lighter, positive energies all day long.


Powerful cleansing pieces, clusters are used to transform the energy in the space, while amplifying positive energy and neutralizing negative energy. Extracted from a geode, these pieces come with a raw, potent healing power.

Shapes of crystals found in a cluster vary, depending on the size, number of inclusions, and the type of crystal formation.

The crystal formations in a cluster are always authentic, which is why each cluster is unique. They include numerous crystal points merged together and separate from a geode, sometimes coming with a small geode rock base.

Because they include multiple points, their energy amplifies positive vibrations in the space, and similarly to towers and obelisks, it helps direct energy and channel it.

Crystal clusters magnify our blessings and help us attract more of them into our lives. They are purifiers that can help charge the space with healing and balancing energy while eliminating toxic energy. 

Spiritual Gifts


geode is the ultimate shape of crystals and a raw energetic powerhouse. They are frequently seen sliced in half and open, and as cathedrals of different sizes. The rock or the geode includes many crystal points which is why they are the most powerful catalysts for healing and transformation of energy one can have.

Usually found in spherical or elliptical rocks, they are associated with eternity, wholeness, the power of creation, and the power of nature.

Because they include many terminations, a geode is a mighty energy-charger and frequently has the ability to charge other crystals as well. They help cleanse our aura, remove blockages, and invite abundance our way.

They help us actualize our true potential, find our path, and support us on our spiritual journey. A geode is so powerful that it can change the frequency of anything it touches, and its healing vibration can extend to an entire home and everyone in it depending on its size. 

Platonic Solids

There are five platonic solids, and each of them is a divine representation of sacred geometry in the material world. Crystals are often purposely shaped as the five solids, but they can also have a platonic solid embedded in their crystals structure.

The solids represent unity with the universe, each symbolizing a specific element. They are used to help unblock and align chakras and help us realize our fullest potential through connecting with those elements.


The Tetrahedron symbolizes fire and is used to evoke the fire within and motivate us to move forward. It is a shape that energizes and strengthens our spirit and willpower. Crystals shaped like a tetrahedron encourage us to take bold steps, be fearless, and stand in our power.


A Cube is one of the platonic solids and geometric shapes of crystals that are associated with the earth element, and the power of Gaia. Cubic crystals are used to help us ground ourselves and find stability and security both within and in the external world. It symbolizes wealth, abundance, the earthly realm and earthly blessings, and can be used to help us become one with nature.


An Octahedron is associated with air and symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence. Crystals found in this form help bring us enlightenment through contemplation, awaken curiosity, and help us use our mental capacity to its fullest potential. Octahedrons help us communicate with others and with the Universe while also raising the vibration of our thoughts.   


A Dodecahedron or a fifth element, symbolizes Akasha or the Universe itself. It brings us closer to the Divine, helps with meditation, opens our Crown chakra and the Third Eye. Crystals found in this form are powerful tools for spiritual transformation and awakening and are used to show us the way, give us hope, and strengthen our faith.


An Icosahedron is a symbol of water, representing the flow of life and the flow of energy. These crystals bring ease and peace into our lives, support emotional healing, and help us release what is no longer serving us.

Crystal Skull


Pendulums are smaller crystal shapes, but highly charged pieces of crystals that can be worn or used in spiritual practice. They are the symbols of time, the death of the old, and the force of life. They are used to connect us with the power of the Universe and help us release control or resistance.

Pendulum crystals support change and personal transformation, help balance our energy, and are incredible for increasing focus. They are powerful tools for intention-setting, working with the Laws of the Universe, and are channels for messages from our guides.

They are used for finding clarity and the answers that we seek, helping us smoothly transcend to the next chapter of life. 

Pendulum crystals are powerful tools for enhancing intuition, psychic power, and connecting with our inner guidance. They support energy work and repel negativity, helping us stay focused and present throughout the day. 

Final Thoughts

Every crystal tells a story, and each has a unique vibration that brings greater clarity and meaning into our lives. Every shape of the crystals has a vibration of its own, and just like each type of crystal, it impacts the energy around us and transforms it for our benefit. 

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Shapes of Crystals

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