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Best Healing Crystals That Will Make You Remarkable at Work

INSIDE: There are a multitude of issues that we deal with on a daily basis at work, and it causes us stress and puts a damper on our happiness. But crystals can help! Here are the best healing crystals for all your work issues.


For too many of us, work isn’t fun.

Maybe it’s stressful, tiring, or boring. Whatever it is for you, you’ve most likely experienced one or more of the following at work lately: 

  • Work is more stressful than ever – your clients expect unrealistic deadlines and you don’t see an end in sight.
  • You find yourself bored and unable to focus on your tasks.
  • You feel uninspired and have lost your passion for your work.
  • The three-o’clock slumps are coming more and more frequently.
  • You can’t stand certain coworkers or you’re having miscommunication issues.
  • You know you deserve a raise, but you can’t seem to muster up the courage to ask for it OR you know you should charge more for your services, but you’re afraid your clients will leave if you do.

We face numerous issues and stresses at work but have no fear… there’s a stone for that!

Best Healing Crystals for Work

Healing crystals are one of the easiest ways to support yourself through issues like these. They can help to balance your energies, the energy around you, and even the people around you so that it all becomes easier.

We’ve broken down the top issues concerning people at work these days and the healing stones that can help. Let’s dig right in…

Best Healing Crystals for Stress & Anxiety at Work

Stress is probably the number one issue people face at work. It wreaks havoc on our happiness at work and it spills over into our home life and our health as well. When we are stressed, we can’t show up and give one hundred percent to our work because it depletes us in so many ways.

Some crystals have a tranquilizing effect that reduces stress without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Amethyst, for example, soothes and calms the body while stimulating the mind at the same time. It creates the perfect state of mind for an efficient day of work.

Blue stones, such as amazonite, aquamarine, sodalite, and blue quartz also provide a calming effect that helps us go with the flow and exhibit power without force. These stones also activate the throat chakra and help us to speak our truth and communicate effectively, all things that serve to reduce stress in the workplace.

In our Calming/Stress & Anxiety Healing Gemstone Set, we’ve included five tumbled stones that will help you manage the stress at your job and in your life with more ease. It includes Black Jasper, Lepidolite, Rhodonite, Sodalite, and Amazonite.

Best Healing Crystals to Make You Fearless at Work

Let’s face it, we don’t always have what it takes to stand up for ourselves and to confidently pursue every aspect of our jobs. Wouldn’t it feel incredible to walk through your day with more courage, confidence, and empowerment?

Orange and yellow stones like carnelian, yellow jasper, and tiger’s eye improve our courage and confidence, helping us to stand in our personal power and achieve great things. They support us with the self-discipline we need to be rockstars at work.

Blue stones like blue quartz, blue goldstone, and blue tiger’s eye help us feel empowered to speak our truth and communicate with ease so that we are no longer afraid to say what we want to say. At the same time, they help us to do so with compassion and diplomacy.

Our Confidence Healing Gemstone Set includes 5 tumbled stones to help you feel confident and ready to take on whatever comes your way. It includes Blue Tiger’s Eye, Blue Goldstone, Bronzite, Yellow Quartz, and Garnet.

Orange Crystals for Confidence and Courage

Best Healing Crystals for Focus & Mental Clarity

When we feel cloudy in our minds, it can often be the result of boredom and lack of inspiration. It can also be due to health issues and unhealthy lifestyle habits. When we don’t feel mentally sharp, we can feel like we are floundering at work, and we can end up procrastinating and making mistakes.

Blue stones like blue quartz and sodalite help us filter out negative, overactive thoughts, leaving room for our minds to retain the knowledge that is important to our work.

Serpentine is a highly spiritual crystal that brings us in touch with Universal wisdom, improving our mental health and our ability to acquire new knowledge and wisdom.

Yellow quartz is a wonderful stone for improving overall brain function, improving our focus, concentration, memory, and decision-making abilities. With its help, we can more easily find new, creative solutions to problems that come up at work.

Our Wisdom & Knowledge Healing Gemstone Set will help you retain vital information, focus on the task at hand and help you find the wisdom and knowledge to move forward. It contains the following five tumbled stones: Blue Quartz, Yellow Quartz, Sodalite, Serpentine, and Emerald.

Best Healing Crystals for Creativity & Imagination

No matter what your job is, we all need to use creativity from time to time, even if it’s just creative problem-solving or new ways of thinking about a task. Many crystals can help us reignite our passion for our work and achieve creative breakthroughs. 

Orange and yellow stones like carnelian and citrine help to spark creativity and motivation. Orange stones activate the sacral chakra, allowing us to give birth to new ideas and creative expressions. Yellow stones have a sun-like, radiant quality that help us to feel inspired and ready to take action on those creative ideas.

Imagination and visualization are accessed through the third eye, and the best healing crystals for activating the third eye are generally purple and blue. Amethyst, azurite, ametrine, and blue tiger’s eye can help improve clairvoyance, intuition, and visualization, all of which stimulate the imagination.

For an easy solution, try our Creativity Healing Gemstone Set! You’ll receive five tumbled stones, hand-selected to enhance your creativity: Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Red Jasper, Sodalite, and Citrine.


Best Healing Crystals for Energy

Having the energy necessary to get through a work day is something so many of us struggle with, especially when it comes to the afternoon slumps. Thankfully, crystals can help!

Because of their association with the root chakra, red healing crystals are especially helpful for boosting energy. Red jasper helps improve our endurance and helps us to feel physically strong. 

Citrine offers a warm energy that is like a shot of vitality. It has an inspirational energy that makes us feel radiant and ready to act with high energy.

Crystals that help promote healthy sleep are also important to mention here since poor sleep tends to lead to low energy levels. Black onyx and red tiger’s eye boost our physical and emotional energy and strength. Black jasper provides physical and emotional stability.

Our Invigorating Energy Healing Gemstone Set is a great solution for those times when you need a pick-me-up! It includes the following five tumbled stones: Red Jasper, Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, and Black Onyx.

Best Healing Crystals for Issues with Coworkers

Work environments are typically rich with lots of different personalities, and we don’t always get along with the people we are thrown together with. Whether we are having issues with coworkers or if we just want to handle our communications at work in general with more ease, many crystals can help.

Blue crystals, such as blue tiger’s eye, aquamarine, and blue quartz can improve the communications you have with your coworkers, superiors, and partners. They can help improve the success of negotiations, help you speak more eloquently, and improve any public speaking you may need to engage in.

Pink stones and green stones, such as rose quartz, pink opal, emerald, and green quartz are some of the best healing crystals for relationships as well because they offer us a loving, compassionate energy that infuses our encounters with others and guides our correspondences in a positive light. 

We’ve put together a Communication Healing Gemstone Set for an easy solution for communication issues or for times when you just want to make sure things go smoothly with others. It includes the following five tumbled stones: Blue Quartz, Lodolite, Aquamarine, Smoky Quartz, and Tiger Jasper.

Blue Crystals for Communication at Work

Best Healing Crystals for Prosperity

Many crystals are known as wealth crystals because they can help us with things like getting a raise or promotion, winning new clients, and receiving other money-making opportunities.

If you are having financial issues or just want to bring in more abundance, green crystals like emerald and green quartz can help. Yellow stones like citrine and tiger’s eye help us attract abundance and manifest what we desire.

Blue stones are also some of the best healing crystals for prosperity since they help us tap into our intuition and speak our truth, both of which are useful during financial and business negotiations. For example, you might try aquamarine or sodalite.

Our Wealth Healing Gemstone Set includes five tumbled stones to help you attract the opportunities and abundance to bring you the prosperity and wealth you desire. It includes the following five tumbled stones: Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Garnet, Labradorite, and Clear Quartz.

In Conclusion

The best healing crystals for work are relative to the issues and stresses you are experiencing at work, but no matter what, there is a crystal (and probably several) that can help you. And the best part is that it’s easy! It doesn’t take any extra work to wear an amethyst necklace or carry a tumbled stone in your pocket, so why not give it a try?

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. This article may contain affiliate links. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

Healing Crystals for Work

Healing Crystals to Use at Work

Best Healing Crystals for Work

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