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5 Best Places To Keep Healing Crystals

INSIDE: If you're wondering where to keep your crystals, we've got plenty of great ideas for you right here! Read on and have fun experimenting with your crystals.


Healing crystals are semiprecious stones that balance and ‘ground’ the energy surrounding them.

Some crystals are believed to possess the ability to enhance longevity and boost fertility; Citrine is said to bring confidence while Quartz may strengthen your relationships.

In addition to being aware of the properties of different crystals, it’s also important to note that they should be kept in certain places for the best effects. Each crystal has a unique frequency and aura; therefore, where we should keep them differs for each crystal.

5 Best Places to Keep Your Healing Crystals

While each crystal can be placed in certain areas to match its frequency, there are certain areas that are better than others in general, and today we’re going to talk about the five best places to keep your healing crystals. 

Let’s start from the top...

Living Room

Even if you don’t spend the majority of your day in your living room, this particular area is typically connected to adjacent rooms, allowing the crystals to spread their influence. Furthermore, most people entertain guests in their living rooms, so if you want to soothe and center your friends as well, this is the ideal place to keep some crystals.

Crystals that promote positivity and filter out stale energies and auras are ideally placed here, such as Citrine, Clear Quartz, and Black Tourmaline. This particular combination promotes self-growth, a clear mind, and brings about a cleansing field that reduces negative residual energy.

Amethyst Geodes make a beautiful statement piece when placed in a living room. It can soothe the mind and whisk away anxiety, while improving the mental state of those around it. As a third eye chakra crystal, it also works to amplify intuition and psychic visions.

Amethyst Geodes


Whether you want to improve the quality of your sleep or get rid of nightmares, having a few healing crystals in your bedroom can make quite a difference.

Clear Quartz is arguably one of the best choices for this particular area of the home, as it has the ability to clear the mind and amplify the body's ability to heal itself while we sleep. People who are struggling with pre-sleeping anxiety will greatly benefit from having it around.

This healing crystal is best known for its balancing capabilities. It absorbs and stores surrounding energies, nullifying negativity while amplifying positivity. Because of this, Clear Quartz will help you sleep more soundly on its own.

However, for enhanced results, we recommend combining it with another crystal or two since it is an amplifier that can power up their healing properties.

Lepidolite is another crystal that is beneficial when kept in the bedroom. It contains lithium, which is used in many anti-anxiety medications, demonstrating its ability to soothe the mind and put us in a more relaxed state. Placing Lepidolite near Clear Quartz will amplify these stress relieving qualities.

In a Pocket or Wallet

Some crystals are best kept close to the body. The atmosphere of the rooms you put your crystals in can change and fluctuate at times, and certain crystals like Smoky Quartz can be kept with you at all time to help you feel centered while these changes are occurring.

Selenite is one of the most potent protective talismans available. It has numerous and highly versatile properties, including its ability to elevate your spirit, bring you in touch with your intuition, and help you reconcile with friends, family, or lovers.

This healing stone vibrates at a rapid frequency, which makes it a very useful space-cleansing tool. It can clear blocked energy and bring positivity back to your surroundings. Having a chunk of Selenite in your pocket will shield you from the emotional vampires that you come across as you go about your day.


The vast majority of people start their days in the bathroom, so why not ensure it is brimming with positive energy so we can absorb it as much as possible while getting ready for our day.

Crystals that promote self-acceptance, higher self-esteem, and self-love should be placed in the bathroom, ideally in combination with crystals that eliminate negative energies, thoughts, and pent-up emotions.

As ominous as its name may be, Bloodstone is one of the most potent healing crystals for motivation. Its main ability is to increase enthusiasm and drive, while subsequently raising our motivation.

Citrine and Clear Quartz

Shungite is a very potent grounding healing crystal that can reinforce your drive and motivation even further. However, you should be aware of the fact that it’s also much stronger and often described as ‘heavy’, so you may need to spend some time with it to get accustomed to how it feels and vibrates.

Aventurine is the healing crystal meant for people who are suffering from low self-esteem, depression, and who tend to stride on the pessimistic side of life. It encourages people to be more optimistic, opens the heart, and calms frustrations.

Finally, Clear Quartz can be placed in the bathroom alongside these three to provide more clarity and perspective.

Meditation Altar

The best way to utilize the power of healing crystals is to meditate with them. Yoga with crystals and similar spiritual practices are also highly beneficial.

Any type of healing crystals can sit atop your meditation altar. Crystals that are meant to open up your intuition, awaken your inner dreamer, and generally all grounding crystals can help you get the most out of your other stones.

Aquamarine is an excellent example, as it brings harmony and balance, affecting all of the other crystals in its vicinity.

Carnelian may provide guidance if you feel that you’re not making any significant progress, so it’s a good idea to have it around. Amethyst is also a powerful stone for your spiritual altar due to its ability to open the third eye and enhance psychic and intuitive abilities.

Final Thoughts

There's really no right or wrong when it comes to placing your crystals. Use your intuition since crystals affect each person differently. But you can use the tips we provided in this article to guide you until you learn what works for you.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

5 Best Places To Keep Healing Crystals

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