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Lodolite Healing Properties to Elevate Consciousness and Inner Peace

INSIDE: Lodolite healing properties push us closer to consciousness and divine understanding to find calm, balance, and full body wellbeing. A powerful force that combines Clear Quartz with traces of other minerals and stones, Lodolite balances the upper chakras to encourage spiritual exploration. 


Lodolite, which is sometimes known as "Phantom Crystal" can be considered a nested crystal since the minerals inside of it first take shape, and then over the course of millennia, another crystal takes its place. Its form usually occurs inside Clear Quartz, creating encapsulated scenes of nature and galaxies.

Because of the incredible illusions created in Lodolite, this crystal has particular resonance with our psychic abilities and deep spiritual practices. By balancing our mind and spirit, Lodolite helps complete a full body healing treatment that aligns us with the feeling of wellbeing.

Lodolite Properties & Symbolism

Lodolite forms from minerals or smaller crystals inside of Clear Quartz. These materials inside of the Quartz are called "phantoms" because the actual mineral no longer exists inside the Clear Quartz. Instead, over time, the first small crystals and minerals wash away, leaving a phantasmic outline that creates stunning imagery inside the crystal.

Also called the "Stone of Power" because of potent Lodolite healing properties, this crystal displays many different colors and shapes that make every stone a unique treasure.

The original mineral inclusions that leave behind visions of landscapes, reefs, or gardens are often Feldspar, Chlorite, or Hematite. They lend the hues of orange, red, green, and blue within Lodolite.

Known by other names, such as "Landscape Quartz," "Scenic Quartz," and "Garden Quartz," the word "Lodolite" has origins in Greece and Spain. “Lodo” refers to mud or sludge, a reference to the way the minerals within the Clear Quart "muddy it up." However, the patterns in Lodolite resemble nothing close to mud. 

The scenery that is visible inside Lodolite inspires us to imagine other places and realms. Thus, this stone symbolizes the roads and lands we can journey to in order to grow and find where we feel most at peace.

Similar to the magic of snow globes, which purportedly came into existence when an inventor was tasked with amplifying the rays from newly-developed electric light bulbs, Lodolite illuminates unknown depths of our spirituality so that we can connect with the Divine. 

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Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Lodolite

From such a beautiful crystal comes incredible forms of healing on every level. Let’s start with the mental and emotional ways that Lodolite can help us…

Makes Peace with the Past

One of the best Lodolite healing properties comes through its assistance with past life regressions. In order to take steps forward, we have to heal the past. While we don’t necessarily climb into a time machine (although our metaphysical abilities can sometimes act like one), Lodolite energy infuses peace and tranquility into moments of pain or terror.

That way, we release the attachments we have to things like old relationships or traumas, recognizing their existence and role in our story but understanding that they do not steer where we go.

Calms Anxiety & Overthinking

Calm is the name of the game for Lodolite. The exact opposite of calm is an anxious, overworking mind. Lodolite aids in returning our thought processes to a stable, steady speed.

A great way to bring the nervous system back into balance is to spend time in nature. Since Lodolite packs miniature scenes and textures of nature, it can provide grounding energy in moments when we feel overwhelmed but can’t get outside.

Cools Anger for Compassion

Another aspect of calm requires that we temper our anger. The problem with just packing it away, though, is that it can explode later. Lodolite healing properties have a remedy for that.

Just as it alleviates anxiety, Lodolite cools our feelings of anger. Then, it goes one step further beyond dousing a furious fire. Lodolite transforms our angry emotions in a way that allows us to look at a situation again and access compassion to confront what has hurt us. 

Reduces Stress

Lodolite not only deals with our anxious thoughts but also helps us reduce the stress in our lives. It gives us the clarity of mind to set priorities and focus on things that nourish us instead of depleting our energy.

Physical Healing Properties of Lodolite

Much of our physical wellbeing actually derives from our mental health. That’s why Lodolite’s powerful healing on the emotional level can echo into physical treatment, too. Read on to learn how…

Cleanses the Full Body

We’ll talk later about how Lodolite relates to our chakras. For now it’s enough to understand that the combination of phantom minerals and Clear Quartz most often in Lodolite facilitates full body cleansing.

In particular, Lodolite works deep inside. Thus, its vibrations target our internal organs and circulation. By fueling our circulatory system, its energy journeys through our entire body to bring all systems into balance.

Boosts Immunity & Energy

Lodolite healing properties also spill into immunity. It is believed to act similar to an antiviral in that using it in healing practices can help us boost our immunity and energy.

While it won’t banish viruses from our body, what Lodolite does do is foster our sense of health and physical wellbeing. By finding calm, we have more energy to feed our body with good things that make us stronger. That in turn transforms our immunity, making us ready and able to fight anything that tries to attack.

Hones Healthy Vision

Since we can often envision other worlds and galaxies in this stone, it makes perfect sense that Lodolite healing properties can also support our eye health. Clear vision is necessary not just to see the beauty in the natural world around us but also to recognize the things that do not contribute to our health.

Improves Sleep & Rejuvenation

Finally, we can also look to Lodolite to push us even deeper into calm – so much so that it can act like a tranquilizer. Lodolite can help improve sleep habits that are impacted by insomnia. When we gain better sleep, we feel more able to calmly take steps forward in our waking hours. 

Healing Properties of Lodolite

Chakra & Spiritual Properties

Now it’s time to see how Lodolite healing properties affect our spirituality and chakras. Most clearly, as it contains Clear Quartz, Lodolite energizes the upper chakras that connect to us spiritually.

Activates the Crown Chakra

Lodolite has an incredible ability to balance the crown chakra. In the way that it sparks our imagination to see other places in the stone, Lodolite expands our mental capacity to comprehend the universe. It encourages our sense of trust in the Divine and the idea of spirituality by highlighting our presence in the universe.

Opens the Third Eye Chakra

This crystal also has an incredible resonance with the Third Eye, which seems logical given what a visually-stimulating stone Lodolite is.

By coaxing open our Third Eye chakra, Lodolite shows us that more exists beyond us and this physical world. We come to recognize the expansiveness of the galaxies. This in turn activates many of our psychic abilities so that we can connect beyond our world.

Cleanses the Entire Chakra System

We mentioned earlier that Lodolite healing properties address full body cleansing and balance. That goes for the chakra system too. Lodolite can aid in restoring balance, clearing blockages, and giving energy to any of the chakras in order to put the whole system in harmony.

Manifests Dreams & Desires

In sparking our imaginative depths, Lodolite reveals to us the possibilities of our dreams and desires. When we are able to catch a glimpse of this sight, we enhance our ability to manifest what we want and need to live a more spiritually fulfilled life.

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Metaphysical Uses for Lodolite 

The presence of Clear Quartz in Lodolite means that this stone harbors many of Clear Quartz’s properties. However, with the balance of other minerals and crystals, Lodolite gives off a gentler vibration. This combination of Lodolite healing properties activates our intuition and consciousness.

This energy serves as a healing device that, when we come into our own personal power and acknowledge our communion with the Divine, enables us to hone our psychic abilities so that we can serve others on their spiritual journeys.

Final Thoughts

Lodolite healing properties transport us into new states of being so that we can combine our physical wellbeing with our spiritual beliefs. By encouraging calm and balance, Lodolite helps us create the life we dream of in, one where we thrive in good health, open-mindedness, and inner peace.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Lodolite Healing Properties

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