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Multicolored Crystals: Access Their Versatile Healing Properties

INSIDE: Multicolored crystals are magnetic, fascinating, and, you guessed it - incredibly healing! Each of these natural formations has the power to help us improve our lives, our mindset, and our health. Let's discover how we can benefit from these 15 multicolored healing gemstones…


When we vibrate high, we naturally attract blessings, joy, and abundance our way. But when our vibration is low, we feel lethargic, stuck, down in the dumps, and unable to manifest our desires.

One of the most potent ways to prevent loss of positive energy and protect our energy field from negativity is to use crystals in our everyday routine. Gemstones have a transmuting ability that can influence our lives both with their energy and color.

According to Science of People, colors have multiple effects on our lives, influencing not only how others perceive us, but also our mood and how we feel about ourselves. The same applies to crystals; their colors can help us feel happier, calmer, or more motivated, depending on their properties.

Especially eye-catching, multicolored crystals have a lot to offer for your healing journey and are more than just beautiful pieces of art created by mother nature. They inspire positive transformation, help us grow, achieve, overcome challenges, and so much more.

Let's explore how these gemstones and their versatile properties can instigate change in our lives…

15 Multicolored Crystals You’ll Want in Your Collection

Multicolored stones are multifaceted and have a myriad of healing properties. Just like the spectrum of colors, they have a wide array of properties that have a positive effect on our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

To unlock their full potential, it is important to know how they can benefit us and what they are used for in healing practice.

Let's discover how each of these multicolored specimens contribute to our wellbeing…

Rainbow Fluorite

The energy of the Rainbow Fluorite is like the rainbow after the storm - it is calming, healing, helps you get unstuck, and brings a ray of hope. Rainbow Fluorite is recognized for its ability to promote peace and stimulate the release of anything that holds us back or weighs us.

No matter if it’s an inner conflict or conflicting relationships, it brings clarity and fresh perspectives to any issue, illuminating the root cause of our blockages.

Being an incredibly harmonizing influence, it helps mend relationships and let go of those connections that we need to release. Its energy is gentle, yet uplifting, and it benefits our emotional wellbeing, bringing calming energy into our energetic space.

Rainbow Fluorite is not only great for relaxation but is also powerful protection and cleansing stone, as well. It forms an energetic barrier between us and those who do wish us well, shielding us from ill intentions, manipulation, or deceit. It eliminates old energy from our aura and helps us release burdens that are not ours to bear or belong to the past.

This is a powerful crystal to have by your side when doing release rituals, detoxifying the body and the mind and cleansing energetic space



Bloodstone is one of the multicolored crystals that can truly awaken you to your potential and your innate strength. This gemstone encourages us to live the life of our dreams, boldly and fearlessly.

As the stone of vigor and vitality, Bloodstone activates the lower chakras, helping us feel awake, present, and energized, yet still composed. Its energy acts as a motivator, evoking the ambition and drive to go after what truly makes us happy. It inspires us to try new things and solve problems in a creative way.

Bloodstone is the energy that brings in a necessary dose of bravery, helping us go after what we want while staying persistent and focused on that path. It eliminates self-doubt and negative beliefs related to success and helps us stand in our power and cultivate self-respect.

This frequency strengthens not only the body, helping us establish new healthy habits, but also the mind and the heart, balancing our emotions. It can help us make the right choices and stay determined and inspired to solve our problems rather than being discouraged by them.

Bloodstone also acts as a powerful shield against malice, bullying, or shaming, being a powerful talisman and a protective force. 

Snowflake Obsidian 

Magical as it is, Snowflake Obsidian is a gift from nature for philosophers, those on a healing journey, and anyone who strives to become a better version of themselves.

Being a gemstone that promotes self-reflection, Snowflake Obsidian inspires us to dive deeper into our psyche to better understand ourselves and make peace with our shadow. It helps us recognize the causes of our suffering and let go of shame, guilt, and limiting beliefs that keep us glued to the past. It is a powerful healing stone for healing the inner child and resolving trauma.

As one of our favorite multicolored crystals, Snowflake Obsidian helps us accept what we can’t change, helping us surrender to the Divine. A healing journey can sometimes feel like a lonesome road, and this crystal can help us find solace and use solitude as a chance for fruitful introspection. This stimulates personal growth in a gentle, yet profound way. 

While it helps us release negativity, it simultaneously helps us embrace new, more positive ways of being and thinking, allowing us to rebuild our life from scratch. It supports a new beginning and offers excellent energetic assistance for making important life changes.



The stone of communication of truth, Chrysocolla is one of the best healing tools for the Throat Chakra. Its energy is stimulating, activating the mind and prompting us to think outside of the box, explore new ideas, and freshen up our perspectives.

However, while it’s thought-provoking and stimulating, its energy is far from overwhelming. On the contrary, Chrysocolla is one of the most calming stones that can clear the mind, eliminate stress, and put an end to overthinking. It helps us speak from the heart and find that fine balance between our emotional and rational selves.

Being a stone that opens channels of healthy communication, it helps us express our authentic truth, speak our mind, and own the power of our voice. It enhances rhetoric abilities, helps us release the fear of performing and public speaking, and is a great assistance for those who need a little confidence boost to verbalize their boundaries.

Chrysocolla multicolored crystals are great for helping us speak about what is weighing us down, allowing us to share without feeling guilty or weak. This stone can help us find solace when we feel isolated, and attract our soul tribe, making us feel like we belong and are heard.

Cryusssocola is also a great stone for teachers and students. It helps those who teach spread their knowledge with clarity, and those who learn to absorb new knowledge with ease.


Labradorite is a stone of magic. A powerful intuition booster, this colorful gemstone amplifies our psychic abilities and is often used for helping us connect to the spirit realm and higher intelligence.

As it calms the mind and helps us connect to our inner guides, Labradorite protects us from psychic attacks and strengthens our energy field.

Labradorite healing properties help us reach deeper levels of understanding, bring enlightenment and stimulating awakening. This is a stone for anyone who is on the path to self-discovery and wants to elevate their consciousness.

Being one of our favorite multicolored crystals, Labradorite illuminates the grander scheme of life, helping us learn how essential it is to give in and go with the flow. It helps us see the magic around us and bring back a sense of optimism, spontaneity, and a desire to explore what life has to offer. In the process, it helps transform our belief system, voice our thoughts and become more open to share and gain wisdom.

Because it operates from such a high vibration, Labradorite can help us tame both destructive thoughts, behaviors, and patterns, especially when those are products of subconscious impulses.

Rainbow Aura Quartz

Aura Quartz

Rainbow Aura Quartz is a mesmerizing blend of a variety of colors, joined together to help us become happier and more aligned with our purpose. This sparkling piece is an uplifting force that brings joy and optimism into any space it touches - and it has the same positive effect on our mood. When down in a rut, it provides a much-needed spark of inspiration, adventure, and hope. 

Because of the visible color spectrum found in this crystal, the colors and healing properties of Rainbow Aura Quartz have the power to align all chakras, promoting the flow of prana through the whole body.

Healing properties of these multicolored crystals help restore inner balance, harmonizing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being. 

It helps us embrace our authentic self and show our radiant, colorful personality unapologetically and with confidence. Because of that, Rainbow Aura Quartz supports our development, helping us accept who we truly are and create a positive self-image.

Just as it can raise our vibration, it is also a great crystal for boosting positive chi in Feng Shui and can be used to eliminate negativity from any space.

Occo Agate

Occo Agate is here to help you follow your dreams and go after what makes your heart jump with joy. If you are nervous to take the first steps toward a goal, this is the crystal to use to help you get on your feet, find inspiration, and follow your passions without fear or doubt clouding your mind.

Its energy instills a sense of self-confidence and helps us restore trust in the most important person we have - ourselves. As a result, we are able to release the need to judge others and ourselves.

It offers assistance in resolving childhood trauma and healing past wounds, making it an incredibly healing presence for those dealing with heavy emotions. It works to eliminate blockages in our conscious and subconscious minds and prevent external influences from deterring us from our goal. This makes these multicolored crystals mighty self-empowerment tools that can awaken us to our true potential.

Occo Agate is also a harmonizing and grounding stone, and its energy can bring us necessary stability and strengthen our energy field. It magnifies the power of other healing tools, calms the nerves, and can help reduce fear and anxiety.



Opalite is a crystal that illuminates our blessings and helps us attract more goodness. Its energy brings us to the here and now, teaching us to become more mindful of all the little things that bring us joy every day.

Incredible for awakening curiosity, it brings out the child in us, inspiring us to explore new possibilities and go on adventures.

When negativity starts plaguing our lives, Opalite can be a source of light and hope. It helps us see the virtue in everything around us and in ourselves, assisting us in being kinder and attracting kindness our way.

It eliminates mental and energetic blockages caused by doubt, fear, or worry helping us regain trust in the Universe and our own abilities. This way, Opalite can help us make necessary changes in our lives and step into the next phase of our lives without fear of the unknown. It aligns us with our life path and helps us embark on that journey.

Opalite contains a gentle energy that can help mend connections with others, replacing tension and conflict with a lighthearted exchange, diplomacy, and optimism.

Blue Tiger’s Eye

The calming energy of Blue Tiger’s Eye brings peace and clarity into every situation. Its vibration promotes emotional healing and can help us battle our blues, providing support for depression or mood changes.

It enhances psychic powers and sharpens cognitive abilities, helping us to both sense and perceive things with laser precision. No matter if it’s fear, worry, paranoia, or a phobia, Blue Tiger’s Eye can clear the mind from heavy energies, helping us regain the power of our lives and our reality. As it helps us feel more empowered, Blue Tiger’s Eye truly strengthens our identity and willpower. 

The energy it brings into our lives is a motivating force that sharpens our perception and gives us the focus we need to succeed. Because it balances masculine energy and feminine energy, rational and emotional, it can help us find the right balance in life and make just decisions.

On top of that, Blue Tiger’s Eye can be a powerful aid for those trying to make better life choices, improve their routines, and start new habits.

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst

Beautiful Chevron Amethyst unites the power of Amethyst and White Quartz, bringing the next level of energy cleansing into our lives. By creating a powerful energy field around us, Chevron Amethyst healing properties filter out toxicity and ensure that only positive vibrations come our way.

It has the power to strengthen our spirit, and our faith, allowing us to make important changes in life, behavior, and our way of thinking.

It not only cleanses and protects our aura, but it also helps us do inner work, gain clarity, and open ourselves up to receiving spiritual downloads. Chevron Amethyst multicolored crystals offer great assistance for those who are doing deep soul searching, for seekers, and those who are dedicated to self-work. This healing energy brings positive experiences and people who are meant to help us grow and expand our consciousness.

Incredibly harmonizing and calming, this gemstone helps us reach a new level of inner peace, making it a great crystal for mindfulness and meditation rituals. It also benefits spiritual connections, strengthening the bond between two souls.

Unakite Jasper 

Colorful Unakite Jasper brings healing of the heart and soul to the next level, and it comes as no surprise that it is often seen as a "relationship crystal." It helps create a healthy environment from emotional exchange, strengthens the important bonds between individuals, and assists us in letting go of connections that don’t serve our highest good.

It is a power stone for helping us understand our motivations and attachments, so that we can recognize and embrace our authentic needs.

Being especially potent for the Heart Chakra, it invites loving, compassionate energy into our lives. It replaces resentment and pain with greater understanding, acceptance, and empathy, so that we can mend our relationship with others and with ourselves.

It promotes emotional release and has a therapeutic effect for those who are suffering from a loss, heartache, or difficult trauma. Unakite Jasper helps us build a healthier relationship with our vulnerabilities and acknowledge that we can be both strong and gentle at the same time.

When important connections become challenges, Unakite Jasper can help bring harmony and act as a mediating force between two sides.



Ametrine mends the relationship between material reality and our spiritual selves. A powerful stone for motivation and self-empowerment, it helps us overcome inner limitations and become more solutions-oriented. 

With its assistance, we can not only elevate spiritually but actually use our learned wisdom to become stronger and build our identity. It blends our rational mind with the power of intuition, helping us improve our lifestyle and the way we think.

Ametrine multicolored crystals boost self-esteem and help us stay humble and grounded. They support healthy coping mechanisms and encourage us to seek creative solutions to our problems.

This stone inspires us to find new, better ways of dealing with dark thoughts, doubts, and negative beliefs, strengthening our willpower. Not only does it help us discover how powerful we are and raise our vibration, but it also helps amplify any positive energy it comes into contact with.

Ametrine is a powerful and energizing stone, but not in an overwhelming way. Since it is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine, its healing properties help create a perfect balance between feeling grounded and energized at the same time. Holding a piece of Ametrine can help revitalize and energize us, eliminating lethargy and fatigue.

Super Seven

Being a blend of seven healing gemstones, Super Seven is here to help align not one, but all chakras. Super Seven helps us get into alignment with our true purpose and become more open to following Divine guidance.

It helps us remove outdated beliefs and eliminate conscious and subconscious blocks that hold us back. This healing energy can help us see beyond the veil and open our minds to Universal truths and unlimited possibilities.

It strengthens our spiritual body and amplifies our ability to feel things, both with our physical senses and our intuition. Super Seven is a stone that sharpens the mind and sense fine changes in energy so that we can remove ourselves from low-vibrational situations. It stimulates powerful epiphanies and self-realization, helping us manifest more quickly and realize our power as conscious creators.

Super Seven is not only a stone of higher wisdom, it also offers support for any type of energy work and channeling. It boosts psychic abilities and helps us see things from a multidimensional perspective, which is why it is one of the most potent stones for enhancing intuition.



Want to unleash your Kundalini power? Serpentine multicolored crystals will help you with that. Its energy aims to activate energy centers in the body, starting from the Root Chakra upwards. This starts the movement of life force, helping us feel more alive.

Serpentine is also the gemstone of truth, and it will reveal everything we are meant to know in order to progress on our path. When we are unsettled or feel lost, it can help us get on the right track, find the right guidance and contact higher realms for support.

Serpentine is incredibly tranquilizing and will assist those who suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, or fear of the unknown.

It helps clear karma and assists us with past life regressions, helping us remember strengths and talents we have reincarnated with but which have been undeveloped in this lifetime. This way, Serpentine makes learning life lessons easier. Its energy can help us establish firm foundations and ensure that every new endeavor brings us beneficial long-term results.

This is a stone of Divine protection that offers energetic support by strengthening the connection with spirit guides and angels. Using it for protection purposes will prevent dark forces and malicious energy from penetrating your aura.

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz unifies opposites. By blending the masculine and feminine, dark and light aspects of ourselves, as well as opposing views, it harmonizes energies in our lives, eliminating tension and conflict.

It is a great tool for helping us shift our mindset so we can break free from self-imposed restrictions. The healing properties of Tourmalinated Quartz make shadow work easier and less painful, helping us dive deep into the psyche and then work with our shadow aspects. 

Tourmalinated Quartz cleanses us inside and out. Being a powerful stone for purifying and detoxifying, it aims to eliminate both free radicals and toxic energy from our space. This also applies to electromagnetic frequencies, as it successfully minimizes symptoms of everyday exposure, be those physical or mental. Not only does it elevate the frequency in our space, but it also helps strengthen our auric shield. 

This stone brings us greater mental clarity, helping us see things from a different perspective. It tones down the urge to overthink, bringing us mental peace and a sense of inner stability.

Final Thoughts 

Multicolored healing gemstones are mesmerizing and healing. They help us work with the Universe, and their multiple healing properties help us create the life that we want to live. These crystals offer a continuous source of positivity that can help us shed old skin and embrace new, more joyous, and serene versions of ourselves. 

What Crystal Should I Choose?

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

Multicolored Crystals Access Their Versatile Healing Properties

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