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Self Care Tips

Self care is critical these days as we are engulfed in a sea of stress and fast-paced lifestyles. That's why we put together this page of self care tips. 

Here's a compilation of our best self care tips and tricks to help your body, mind, and spirit catch a breath of fresh air...

All About Self-Care

15-Day Self Care Challenge: Recharge & Feel Great - Self-care is something most of us forget to do when life gets too hectic. Treat yourself to this 15-day self-care challenge and observe how your mental, physical, and emotional health increases.

6 Different Types of Self Care and How You Can Pamper Yourself - By practicing various types of self care, we learn to be more compassionate and kinder to ourselves. These acts of self love are so frequently overlooked and should find their place in our busy schedule every day. Let’s see what we can do to improve our wellbeing by practicing simple, yet revitalizing self-care rituals. 

6 Self Care Rituals For A Joyful And Meaningful Life - When we spend time engaging in self care rituals, we can uncover a new level of joy and meaning in our lives. Here are 6 ways to do just that!

10 Tips for Creating a Self Care Daily Routine You’ll Love - Self care routines ensure that we set aside time and build a habit of tending to our personal self needs. From five minutes of sitting in the dark to an entire weekend outdoors, self care comes in many timeframes and forms. We have some great ideas to help you find the routine that best suits you right here!

15 Self Care Habits That Will Transform Your Life - Engaging in self-care habits to bring healthy and positive change in our lives is one of the best things we can do! These simple tips can work wonders to transform our way of thinking, living and working.

How to Use the Chinese Medicine Clock for Optimal Health - The Chinese Medicine Clock has been a part of Chinese tradition for centuries. It can be a powerful tool for balancing our lives and maintaining good health. Let's discover more about this incredible method.

Making Time for Yourself: 12 Ways to Find Time for Self-Care - When it comes to making time for yourself, it's not always easy, and sometimes it can feel impossible. But taking time for self care is so important, and here are some tips to help you make it happen.

Self Care for Women, Men & Kids

10 Different Ways to Practice Self-Care for Women - Self-care for women is something we see floating around everywhere these days. But are you doing it? With these ideas, you won't want to put it off any longer!

8 Ways to Practice Self-Care for Men: Yup, Guys Need it Too! - Self-care isn’t just for women. Although it’s been embraced by the feminine community, we are starting to see more and more men taking self-care for men seriously. And they should! Here are some ideas.

Self Care for Kids: 9 Activities You'll Want to Start Today - Self care isn't just for adults! These day, kids are under a considerable amount of stress as well. Try these self care for kids activities to help them with anxiety, enjoy more well-being, and set themselves up with some healthy habits.

Self Care for Teenagers: 10 Activities They’ll Love - Taking a personal day isn’t just for adults and parents — young people need time for themselves too! Self care for teenagers is crucial for growth, development, and to keep stress and anxiety at bay. 

Natural Anxiety Relief for Kids: 9 Solutions to Ease Their Stress - By teaching kids how to get grounded and channel their emotions, we are ensuring they have a healthy outlet and are developing positive coping mechanisms for dealing with unpleasant feelings. Let’s talk about natural anxiety relief for kids now!

Self Care for Parents: 12 Tips Even Busy Parents Can Do - Being a parent is hard work and there are no breaks or vacations. That’s why self care for parents needs to be brought into everyday life. The following tips will help you make it easier than ever.

Stress Relief Crystals

Crystals for Self Care

How to Use Crystals in Your Self Care Routine - It's so fun to use crystals in a self care routine because it amplifies the healing benefits of the practice. Here's a bunch of ideas to help you incorporate healing stones into your self care rituals. 

How to Make an Elixir & The Best Crystal Elixir Recipes - Ever wondered how to make an elixir? Discover all the different types, the steps for making a crystal elixir, and some recipes for specific intentions.

Morning Rituals With Crystals: Start Your Day Right - Are you looking for some new morning rituals to ignite your passion and start your day off on the right foot? That's what this article is all about! Read on and comment with your favorite morning rituals. 

Evening Rituals With Crystals: Improve Your Life by Winding Down the Right Way - With the right evening rituals, you can wind down in a way that supports your mind, body, and spirit. Set yourself up for a happier, healthier life when you engage in these practices.

Create Your Own Amethyst Healing Spa: 12 Tips, Rituals & Healing Practices - Reduce stress and pamper yourself by creating your own amethyst healing spa. Use these tips, rituals, and healing practices for your at-home spa experience.

How to Use Crystals for Massage Therapy & Acupressure - You can use crystals for massage to greatly enhance the results and benefits of any massage or therapeutic treatment. Learn which crystals to use and how to use them right here!

How to Use Crystals and Essential Oils Together for a Better Life - When we use crystals and essential oils together, amazing things can happen! Discover all the ways you can use this powerful duo and get some recipes to mix up your own concoctions too!

How to Create a Crystal Home Spa Experience - By creating your own crystal home spa experience, you'll never have to rely on your budget or spa availability to enjoy the many benefits again. Use these tips to help you set one up!

Emotional Self Care

How to Use Crystals for Emotional Self-Care - No matter what you're going through, some of the best tools for emotional self care are crystals. They are here to support us and help us work through our feelings so that we can move beyond them.

Self Care for Depression: 7 Simple Practices - With these simple self care for depression practices, you can give your mind, body, and spirit what it needs. By uplifting yourself in these ways, you can start to feel the sun coming into your life again.

How to Cope During the Pandemic: 15 Ways Crystals Can Help - Wondering how to cope during the pandemic? Most of us are! Fortunately, nature has provided some of the best natural coping tools. Crystals can help us in so many ways.

12 Inspiring Tips to Help You Develop a Gratitude Attitude - When you develop a gratitude attitude, it affects every area of your life, reducing stress, improving your relationships, and helping you to experience more happiness and well-being. Try these tips and ideas to help you shift your perspective.

Gratitude Exercises for a Happy Life - Gratitude exercises are mindful ways to help us train our minds to see the blessings and light around us. They are simple, available to anyone, and can be done anywhere. Discover what they are and how you can easily implement them into your daily routine.

11 Gratitude Activities for Kids: Foster an Attitude of Thankfulness Early On - Children absorb so much from us when they are young, so it’s the perfect time to jumpstart a habit of thankfulness. Through these gratitude activities for kids, they’ll have fun saying thanks and learn how to discover gifts in the simplest of everyday things.

Cutting Energy Cords: Why You Should & How To Do It - As we go through life, we form energetic attachments to people and things. When those connections feel negative, cutting energy cords can restore us and make room for more positivity in our lives.

How to Use Crystals for Emotional Healing - Emotional healing can be hard, painful work. Crystals for emotional healing can help ease the pain and lead you towards forgiveness, acceptance, and renewal.

Self Care at Work: 11 Ways to Destress, Heal & Recharge While You're Working - Whether you keep a steady 40-hour week or if the work-from-home culture has taken over even your free time, self care at work is a must to keep you healthy, motivated, and in your place of zen. Try out some of our favorite ways to release stress and find energy while in the office.

100 Self Care Affirmations for a Happier, More Fulfilled Life - The power of self care affirmations isn’t just about positive thinking. In fact, affirmations are what most successful people do in order to achieve goals and maintain focus. 

100 Abundance Affirmations That Will Align You With Success - Are you struggling to meet your financial goals? Maybe you’re in need of some reassurance or a boost in prosperity... whatever the case, abundance affirmations can help!  

Affirmations for Healing: Your Quick Boost of Well-Being - Do you ever feel like you need an extra boost of health to get you through the day? The use of powerful affirmations for healing might be your answer to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

100 Affirmations for Self Confidence So You Can Move Forward in Your Life - Boost your self-confidence with powerful affirmations. Discover empowering statements to enhance your self-belief and unlock your true potential. Achieve success and overcome self-doubt with affirmations for self-confidence.

Self Care for Anxiety: 13 Tips to Keep You Balanced & Strong - Engaging in self care for anxiety helps us come home to ourselves, restore our energy, and bring balance and tranquility into our lives. Unplugging and dedicating time to self-nourishment benefits not only the mind but also the body and soul. Let's discover some of the most powerful self-care tips to level up our daily routines and help us deal with stress and angst.

How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts: 7 Ways to Free Yourself From Their Grip - Knowing how to get through life with a positive attitude isn't always easy, especially with everything we are being hit with. Let's learn how to get rid of negative thoughts by following a few easy steps.

7 Happy Habits You Should Adopt Today to Start Enjoying Life - When you develop happy habits, life is more enjoyable. Adopt some of these habits today to feel happier in your day-to-day life and have more fun.

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed: 7 Tips You Can Start Today - Want to know how to stop feeling overwhelmed? Don't we all! We have some practical tips for you so you can start enjoying a life of less stress.

How to Stop Worrying: 10 Tips You Can Try Right Now - Want to know how to stop worrying? Discover a diverse toolset that includes 10 unique tips to recover control over your emotions. A life of less stress and more happiness awaits! 

Mental Self Care

17 Mental Self Care Ideas to Keep You Young, Happy & Mentally Fit - Self care doesn’t have to cost you a fortune — all it involves is you taking time out of your day, week, or even month to focus on yourself. Practice mental self care at home for only 5 minutes and find out for yourself how rewarding it is.

How to Use Crystals for Mental Health: Concentration, Memory & Clarity - Good mental health fosters a focused, clear mind to accomplish tasks and keep your emotions positive and balanced. Crystals for mental health can be used everyday to promote concentration, memory, and clarity. Learn about ways to incorporate our 10 favorite crystals for mental clarity into your life.

How to Set Intentions: 5 Simple Methods You’ll Want to Try Today - If you’re looking for some practical tips on how to set intentions, you’ve found a great resource! Let’s learn about what this practice can do for you and some simples strategies that you can implement right away.

How to Unplug From Technology: Digital Detox Tips to Refresh Your Soul - Learning how to unplug during this digital era feels almost like self-imposed ostracism. However, the benefits of spending less time in front of a screen are truly worth it. Let's explore how to unplug from technology so you can enjoy a more mindful existence.

How to Change Beliefs So They Stop Ruling Your Life - Our limiting beliefs trick us into thinking we are less capable than we actually are. Learning how to change beliefs helps us achieve a better version of ourselves while building a more fulfilling lifestyle.

12 Gentle Ways to Find Inspiration in Everyday Life - Are you tired of feeling unmotivated and uninspired? Get yourself moving so you can feel vibrant again with these 12 ways to find inspiration today.

Physical Self Care

Sparkling Sun Waters: Your Essential Guide to Sun-Charged Water - Air, sunlight, and water are probably the most under-appreciated yet most important things we have access to. Combining two of these essentials to make sun-charged water creates one of the simplest and effective natural healers and energizers known.

Mystic Moon Waters: Your Essential Guide to Moon-Charged Water - An incredible relationship exists between the moon and all of the water here on earth, whether it's in the ocean or in our bodies. Let's discover what there is to know about moon-charged water and its many benefits and uses.

Unleash the Power of Chakra Yoga - Wondering what is chakra yoga? You're in for a treat because it's one of the most powerful ways to bring balance to your personal energy field, which can improve every aspect of your life.

7 Healthy Morning Routines to Start Your Day Off Right - A healthy morning routine will always be the backbone of any successful self-care practice. It has a considerable impact on mental health, physical health and productivity. Starting the day with order and purpose, instead of an immediate rush, benefits all aspects of life.

7 Healthy Bedtime Routines to Start Tonight - Good sleep is essential for both mind and body wellness, but it can be difficult to obtain for multiple modern reasons. Difficult, but not impossible. A customized healthy bedtime routine can be the thing you need to help you sleep better, wake up refreshed, and feel ready to face the day.

15 Ways to Spend Time in Nature This Summer - Want to enjoy the outdoor this summer as much as possible? Use these tips on how to spend time in nature to help you make the most of it!

5 Key Tips for Understanding & Succeeding on Your Healing Journey - Understanding the healing journey is crucial for reaching our goals, whether we're trying to recover from emotional trauma, heal physically, or just live a more happy and meaningful life. Here's what you need to know.

9 Natural Living Tips for Better Health and Wellness - These days, we need all the help we can get to maintain a state of wellness and well-being. Try these natural living tips to start enjoying more health and happiness today!

How to Get Natural Cold Relief With Crystals - Crystals have long been prized for distinctive energies, mineral compositions, and therapeutic benefits. This includes advantages that can support traditional medical therapies for natural cold relief and flu alleviation.

Spiritual Self Care

11 Spiritual Self Care Ideas to Ignite Your Inner Spirit - Spirituality comes in many forms for different people, often through religion or ideas of the divine. Cultivating spirituality really means to commune with yourself and your spirit to understand what values and truths most resonate with your everyday living. By practicing spiritual self care, you can gain greater peace and passion in your actions, thoughts, and desires. 

8 Grounding Exercises for Ultimate Balance & Stability - In today’s society, it's easy to feel disconnected from reality. By adopting grounding exercises into your weekly routine, you can remain in the present moment and walk confidently in this physical realm. Let's discover how!

Spiritual Scents: Aromas for the Mind, Body & Soul - Certain aromas can be called “spiritual scents” as they have the ability to deepen our meditations and improve our subconscious state, enabling us to better progress on our spiritual journey.

Self Care for Empaths

Am I an Empath: 18 Traits of People Who Feel Everything - If you’ve been called over-sensitive, maybe that’s all it is. But have you stopped to ask, “Am I an empath?” It’s important to understand the qualities of an empath so you can protect your mental, physical, and emotional well-being as you take on the emotions of others.

Crystals for Empaths: A Survival Guide to Stay Grounded & Centered - If you're an empath, you're probably looking for any relief you can get as the world around you drains your energy. With these crystals for empaths, you can support yourself and reduce negative energy. 

Self Care for Empaths: 6 Tips to Help You Take Care of Yourself - As an empath, you have a natural inclination to care for and help others. But in order to thrive when you offer your time and energy to others, you need to learn self care for empaths. Try these tips for taking care of yourself today! 

Amethyst Geodes

Meditation & Mindfulness

Beginner's Guide to Meditation & Mindfulness - When it comes to self-care and stress-relief, people turn to many different avenues to clear their mind. Meditation is a popular practice among many people and it’s often used to practice mindfulness, attention, and self-awareness.

9 Gratitude Meditation Ideas to Enhance Your Well-Being - Gratitude meditation is one of the most beneficial practices we can engage in as it improves our health on all levels. Try these ideas and discover what works for you!

Chakra Meditation: How to Balance All 7 Chakras by Meditating - When you practice chakra meditation, you can bring your chakras into alignment and release any blocks that have occurred. Then, you can experience the well-being that comes from a balanced energy system.

7 Ways to Enhance Your Chakra Healing Meditation for Better Results - Chakra healing meditation is one of the best ways to balance your chakras and enjoy a fuller, more peaceful and happy life. Try these tips to make this practice not only easy, but incredibly enjoyable.

Intentional Living: How to Live Life With Purpose & Intention - Living a life focused on intention and purpose can help guide your thoughts and actions. With these ways to incorporate intentional living in your everyday life, you can build mindful habits and practices that are aligned with your values. 

How to Find Your Purpose: 8 Ways to Find Fulfillment & Meaning - We get up everyday, ready to tackle daily tasks and busy schedules, but it doesn’t always feel fulfilling. That’s because it doesn’t fuel our true spiritual purpose. Learn how to find your purpose with these tips so you can direct your life with intention and joy.

The 10 Best Meditation Crystals That Will Unlock Your Well-Being - Discover our 10 favorite meditation crystals and the different benefits that meditation with crystals provide. Plus, you'll learn how to place them during your meditation practice for the best results.

11 Types of Meditation: Find the Technique That is Right for You - Meditation, regardless of the type and how it’s performed, always opens the doors to personal transformation and mindfulness. Read on to learn about the different types of meditation to get grounded, release stress, and support your wellbeing.

14 Mindfulness Daily Tips That Will Make You a More Mindful Person - Taking the time to practice mindfulness daily, even for a few minutes, can make a big difference and improve the quality of your life. There are many small yet powerful ways to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine. Let’s discover them now!

Mantra Meditations: What Are They & How to Do Them - Whether you're attempting meditation for the first time or are an old pro, mantra meditations can significantly improve your training. Read on to become familiar with what they are and how to use them.

Mantras to Remove Negative Energy From Your Mind, Body & House - To stop negative thoughts, try reciting some mantras to remove negative energy. Let's discover how to put an end to the negativity cycle by bringing in positive energy with this simple method.

6 Best Mantras for Healing & How They Work - Mantras for healing are a gift in every sense of the word. Let's discover what they are and how they can impact you and your life for the better.

How to Be More Present in Your Life to Find Peace, Happiness & Balance - Want to know how to be more present, experience inner peace, and feel more content? To obtain these things, it's important to prioritize self-care and develop healthy habits that support your overall well-being. Discover how here!


Journaling Daily: Why it Will Change Your Life & How to Get in the Habit - Journaling daily is a fantastic tool to release stress and better understand our experiences. It helps us explore the nooks and crannies of our identity while boosting our emotional well-being.

Journaling for Self Care: 8 Ways to Do It & Why You Should - Looking for a daily ritual that will bring you peace, happiness, and the ability to manifest what you want? Journaling for self care is it, and it's easy, affordable, and efficient!

100 Self-Discovery Journal Prompts to Transform Your Life - Self discovery journal prompts can enlighten us to our purpose and help us learn a little more about ourselves, who we are, our needs, hopes, and dreams. It's also a powerful tool for personal growth reflection, and a form of fun therapy. Let’s give some prompts a go together.

Journaling for Manifestation: 7 Techniques to Get Abundance Flowing - Journaling for manifestation unleashes the flow of abundant expression for what we desire to cultivate in our lives. Bring your thoughts out of your head and into this world by putting pen to paper. Then, watch the wonderful dreams swirl in your mind. 

Writing Morning Pages: Unleash Your Creativity With This Practice - Have you heard about writing morning pages and you're wondering what it's all about? Let's dig in to the benefits and how to engage in this transformative practice now!

73 Shadow Work Prompts for Deep Inner Healing - Engaging in shadow work helps us overcome our subconscious emotional obstacles for a healthier and more fulfilling life. Here are some of the best shadow work prompts to get you started on this journey.

Stress Relief

How to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations: 7 Tips for Immediate Relief - Things are pretty chaotic right now with the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe. The best thing we can all do is learn how to stay calm in stressful situations. This too shall pass! Tranquility, love, and thoughtfulness are what we need right now.

12 Natural Anxiety Relief Methods You'll Want to Try - Try these natural anxiety relief methods to ease your stress, calm your mind, and enjoy more tranquility. There's sure to be a solution here that you'll be able to benefit from.

Crystals for Stress Relief: 5 Calming Crystals & Healing Stones for Anxiety - We all deal with stress and it can get the best of all of us. But with the help of crystals for stress, we can get some relief. Try these five calming crystals to reduce the impact stress plays in your life today!

How to Use Natural Amethyst to Crush Stress - Natural amethyst is one of the best holistic solutions for stress. In this article, we'll explain 16 different ways this wonder crystal relieves stress in our lives, as well as 11 ways to use it in your everyday life.

7 Self Care Practices That Will Improve Your Daily Life - Looking for some self care practices? These 7 tips can help you enjoy better health and well-being as you go about your daily life. You can drink from an empty cup, so make yourself a priority. It is SO important!

The Scent of Self-Care: How Fragrances Boost Your Wellbeing - Want to know what scents to use for wellbeing or even how they can impact us to begin with? Let's dive in and discover it together!

How to Be More Carefree: 10 Ways to Come Alive & Let Life Lead You - Are you wondering how to be more carefree so that you can go with the flow and enjoy life more? Life can be easier when we put the following tips into play in our lives.

Self Care Products & Gifts

Metaphysical Self Care Products for a More Spiritual Life - Are you looking for some metaphysical self care products to help you live a more spiritual life? This guide is what you need! Read on to discover the products that will work for you.

16 Self-Care Gifts for Women, Men, Friends & More - The final months of the year herald in seasons of giving. The best way to show the people in our lives how much we value their presence and love the relationship we have developed is by giving self-care gifts. We’ve compiled quite a few options to remind our friends and family that we love them and that they need to love and care for themselves too! 

Tumbled Stones

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.


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