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Black Obsidian Healing Properties: Healing the Soul Through Reflection and Shadow Work

INSIDE: Black Obsidian healing properties help us face our fears and rise above our limitations. Its grounding properties have the ability to both empower and center us, improving the quality of our lives in so many ways. Let’s see how...


What we were raised to believe about ourselves is what we adopt as adults. But many times, we are not fully aware of how negative of an impact a person or a thought pattern has on our lives.

According to PsychCentral, what we think we deserve in a relationship and the likelihood of finding someone better reinforces the choice to stay in an unhealthy connection. 

Sometimes, the path to a fulfilling life that we deserve requires meeting our shadow self, facing our wounds, and challenging our old beliefs, which is not always a pleasant process.

With a little help from spiritual tools and healing, that process can be easier to deal with, and Black Obsidian is one of the gemstones that can assist you on that journey to self-discovery and healing.

Let's discover how Black Obsidian healing properties can help us feel more empowered and in control of our destiny.

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Black Obsidian Properties & Symbolism

A piece of Black Obsidian for the day takes the darkness away.

Black Obsidian is a healing gift from nature with a recognizable glossy black surface. Due to its appearance, it can be found under various names, including Nature’s Glass, natural Xaga, Volcanic Glass, and Glass Agate.

It is an ingenious rock and a form of crystallized glass that is known for its ability to heal wounds and cleanse the soul and body from negativity and heavy energy.

This is a gemstone that is divinely designed for reflection and genuine soul-searching for the purpose of strengthening the spirit and the body.

Incredibly rich in silica, this mystical black piece is formed from rapidly cooled volcanic lava, with a similar hardness to glass. In popular culture, it was portrayed in the show, Game of Thrones, under the name "dragon glass," a powerful natural glass of Westeros.

Since it is connected to the Earth Chakra and the ground, it transmits the energy from the Earth upwards through the spine and serves as an energizing force.

Due to its psychotherapeutic properties and its ability to instigate shadow work, it is frequently used in shamanic rituals and holistic practices.

Black Obsidian healing properties are a protection against evil and psychic attacks. It has the ability to penetrate many layers of our psyche and build us up, which is powerfully therapeutic.

In astrology, it is associated with the Capricorn season and the positive aspects of the planet Saturn, such as discipline, stability, and perseverance.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is much more than an eye-catching piece. It is a healing and stabilizing stone with a powerful frequency that helps rewire how we approach the world around us, use our power, and resolve inner conflict.

Here are some of the ways Black Obsidian can benefit your mental and emotional health...

Personal Empowerment

Black Obsidian is an incredibly grounding, yet empowering crystal. It builds up our self-respect and helps us realize how strong we truly are. In times of trial and distress, Black Obsidian awakens the leader and warrior within, helps us grow, and reinforces our motivation to move forward.

To get us out of victim mentality and low energy, it boosts our confidence and determination, helping us overcome even the most challenging of obstacles. Through personal empowerment, it teaches us how to own our power and take control over our lives and our destiny.

Through fortifying our character and our energy field, it serves as a powerful protection from abuse and toxicity that threaten to weaken our boundaries.

It strengthens the core of our personality, helping us act authentically, with determination and poise. As a result, we’ll find it easier to act in our integrity and reclaim our right to be the active creators of our faith.

Inner Stability & Grounding

When life begins to feel too hectic and you can’t seem to reclaim inner balance, reach for a piece of Black Obsidian to help you get centered. Black Obsidian healing properties have the ability to ground and stabilize anything it touches. 

It grounds us with the energy of the Earth so that we can feel more centered in times of chaos. If we feel all over the place, have trouble focusing, or setting a clear vision, it can be a handy energetic aid to help us feel more rooted and regain clarity.

It tames the loud inner chatter, helps us release fidgety energy, nervousness, and anxiety.

Since it operates as a stabilizing force that is deeply connected to the Root Chakra, its vibration can help strengthen our sense of inner security and collect scattered energy. As a result, we are less likely to waste our time, energy, and resources.

Healing Properties of Black Obsidian

Healing Emotional Wounds & Trauma

Emotional healing is never an easy task, but with little help from Black Obsidian, it can be easier to digest.

Black Obsidian is a great tool for shadow work. It helps us dig deeper under the surface of consciousness so that we can find the root cause of our suffering and pain. It can illuminate and help resolve the old traumas that can date back to early childhood, and it stimulates healthy introspection and soul-searching.

It is known for its ability to deflect negativity, and this is especially true for the piled-up negativity we carry as an emotional burden. Black Obsidian healing properties can illuminate us to our own blockages, thoughts, and beliefs that hold us back so that we can process heavy emotions in a constructive way.

Thanks to its frequency, we are able to process emotions and learn valuable lessons, without harshness, judgment, or self-criticism. It helps us see and accept uncomfortable truths without disturbing inner peace, making it a powerful gemstone for inner work.

Releasing Fear & Angst

Speaking of the inner world, Black Obsidian is one of the best gemstones for helping us dive into the subconscious, and release anything that disturbs our inner peace. 

Many times when we feel blocked, unsafe and anxious, it's because there are external influences disturbing our balance. Black Obsidian creates a powerful energetic shield that prevents turbulent energy from penetrating our aura, helping us stay calm.

Black Obsidian simultaneously helps us deal with our inner demons and limitations that make us feel stuck and restricted. When fear and angst threaten to paralyze us, this gemstone can help clear our energy and mind space so that we can act strategically and not let fear freeze us.

Anxiety, nervousness, and paranoia are common responses when we are faced with uncertainty or are overwhelmed with information. Black Obsidian helps us stay level-headed so that we can deal with uncertainty and change gracefully and confidently. 

Mental Focus & Concentration

Although primarily grounding, Black Obsidian has a unique way of helping us stay laser-focused on our vision.

Black Obsidian healing properties help clear up the mental space, eliminating confusion and doubt. It impels sharpness of mind, precision and helps calm down energy when things are up in the air. As a result, we are less likely to get sidetracked or feel pulled to run away from our problems.

Black Obsidian not only helps us find the root cause of the problem, it also helps us face our challenges heads on and rationally plan our next steps.

Black Obsidian Meaning

Physical Healing Properties of Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian doesn’t only strengthen our mind and spirit; it also strengthens the body as well.

Its magnetic field has a powerful impact on our whole physical vessel and can benefit our health in a few key ways...

Cardiovascular Health

Being so calming and grounding as it is, Black Obsidian helps calm our blood pressure and pulse. It is beneficial for the heart and cardiovascular health in general, supporting the state of vessels, arteries, and the heart.

The unique frequency of Black Obsidian can stimulate the blood flow and absorption of iron, which can improve blood circulation and fights anemia. It protects the heart during stressful times, keeping the heartbeat even.

Digestive System

Black Obsidian healing properties offer powerful support to our digestive system. No matter if we are trying to establish a better lifestyle or stick to a diet, this gemstone will help us stay true to our healthy decisions.

Black Obsidian eliminates anything that doesn’t serve our health, and this is particularly true for bad substances and unhealthy foods. It supports kidney and bladder health and contributes to metabolic processes and digestion.

It is ideal vibrational assistance to help us maintain a healthy weight and detoxification. Black Obsidian healing properties also have a soothing effect on the lower back and the area around the lower stomach, helping to ease pain in the gastrointestinal tract.

Beating Addiction

Black Obsidian not only supports healthy eating, its healing energy also aims to help us beat addictions, curb our cravings, and strengthen our willpower when it comes to making healthy choices.

Not only does it eliminate things that are bad for our well being from the body, be it alcohol, substances, or food, but it also helps strengthen our willpower so that we can continuously work on improving our health. 

Hormonal & Lymphatic System

Many health issues are connected to our lymphatic and hormonal system, and that's where this black crystal can really step on the scene.

The magnetic field of Black Obsidian helps prevent and treat fluid retention and supports natural lymphatic drainage. It protects the lymphatic system, reduces swelling of the lymph nodes, and supports nodes function. 

It helps regulate the hormonal system, targeting hormonal glands and helping to treat hormonal imbalances. It is particularly beneficial for adrenal glands and adrenal fatigue, decreasing cortisol levels, and aiding serotonin production and synthesis. That has a positive impact on overall health and particularly mental health, as it is useful for depression, anxiety and stress.


Feeling tired and unmotivated? Reach for your piece of Black Obsidian to help restore your energy. Black Obsidian healing properties are a revitalizing force that can help us feel more present and awake. It supports mental alertness and energizes us without overstimulation.

Be it muscle fatigue, mental exhaustion, or continuous burnout, you will find that you’ll gradually feel more alert. It is helpful even when the cause of fatigue is unknown and persistent, as it naturally targets the root cause of the problem.

Chakra Stones

Chakra & Spiritual Properties

Black Obsidian is a gemstone that helps us deal with deep spiritual matters. Here are some of the ways its energy can instigate powerful spiritual ascension, healing, and transformation... 

Root Chakra

In the chakra system, Black Obsidian resonates the most with the Root Chakra or Muladhara.

Its healing properties help unblock and stimulate an underactive Root Chakra, helping tackle various issues such as lack of energy, inner security, or stability. It teaches us how to find a sense of true groundedness and promotes healthy self-reliance.

This stone is an empowering influence that helps us build our lives in a way that supports our stability and happiness. With its help, we are able to take better control over our lives and feel more confident in ourselves, our abilities, and our talents. 

The energy of this gemstone is able to shake us up, and awaken us to the possibilities we have at our disposal so that we can get the most of what life offers.

When overactive, Muladhara can be overstimulated, and Black Obsidian healing properties can help tame and channel excess energy so we can use it in a constructive and beneficial way, instead of wasting it.

Energy Cleansing & Protection

Black Obsidian is a powerful talisman against harmful energies and an incredible tool for energy cleansing rituals. A piece of it can be used to banish toxicity both in our living space and the aura. When consistently used for protection, it can help us gradually become so high-vibrational and grounded that we feel untouched by lower vibrations. 

This is a crystal with an enormous purifying capacity. It has the ability to cleanse psychic smog and prevent intentional and unintentional psychic attacks. On top of that, it also sends harmful energy back to the sender and strengthens our energy field.

However, Black Obsidian doesn’t cleanse the space with its frequency only. When practicing protection rituals and saying prayers, through meditation and contemplation, it can help us see through others’ intentions and motives. That way, we can consciously pull back our energy away from the source of negativity.

Black Obsidian

Karmic Healing

We all have karmic wounds and lessons. The healing properties of Black Obsidian help us grow from and tackle unresolved issues that weigh us down and discover and learn our karmic lessons. It can help us make peace with what we can’t control and find ways to overcome and resolve ancestral karma.

It is a great tool for past life regression rituals as it can help us tap into our hidden potential and our past life karma that needs to be resolved. This is a crystal that can help us find a greater understanding of our akashic records, and discover ways we can transform our path.

Through uncovering the grander scheme behind our experiences, Black Obsidian provokes spiritual evolution and helps us grow beyond our pain or challenges. 

Cutting Etheric Cords

Cutting etheric cords requires willpower and persistence, which is something Black Obsidian can make easier for us. Just like with addictions, the frequency of Black Obsidian helps us gather inner strength to say goodbye to connections that have outstayed their welcome in our lives.

It helps us do the necessary soul searching in order to release spiritual attachments and end soul contracts that don’t benefit our growth.

In the process of breaking free from energetic chains, Black Obsidian healing properties make it easier for us to learn spiritual lessons that come with every relationship, helping us evolve spiritually. This is especially true for toxic relationships that drain our life energy, dim our light, and stand in our way of spiritual growth

Metaphysical Uses for Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is a powerful stone for diving deep into the mysteries of the unknown, and it comes as no surprise that it is widely used in metaphysical practices.

Using it during mediumship rituals can open up channels of communication with the deceased and spirits. It offers powerful guidance for prophets and clairvoyant psychics, helping to enhance intuition and clarity of psychic vision. It can also be used to enhance prophetic abilities and support precognition. 

Final Thoughts

Negative energy will always exist, but so will the healing vibration that counteracts it. With the power of Black Obsidian, our aura is safely shielded, our minds strong and focused, our healing journey is supported, past wounds are left behind, and we are prepared to bravely follow our path.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Black Obsidian Healing Properties

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